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Trump Watch June 2 2017

Day 134:

There goes the neighborhood:

There are three countries in the world not in the Paris climate accord, Syria, which has been in a war for the last 6 years, Nicaragua who refused to join because it was not a strict enough agreement, and the United States, the historically worst polluter in the world.

Donald Trump has just committed a crime against humanity.  His idiotic removal of the US from the Paris climate accords (a deal many said was not nearly strong enough) will doom MILLIONS of people to death.

Global warming is real, its serious, its going to kill millions, and he just doesn’t care.  The evidence is overwhelming, the scientists all agree, he doesn’t care.  The business community doesn’t want him to do it, the international community doesn’t want him to do it, the American people don’t want him to do it.  HE DOESN’T CARE!

The oil companies and coal companies and fracking companies, they want him to do it, the republican senators who are beholden to the big carbon money want him to do it, so it gets done.

It will kill millions, destroy the future for our descendants, ruin the American economy, and potentially cause humanity to go extinct…Trump doesn’t care.

If you have ever been tempted to call your senator, or rep and demand they take action on something, make it this.  You’re state can agree to the accord even if the federal government wont.

If the state wont listen call your mayor, get your city to take action, if we lose this fight, if we can’t keep the climate stable, then nothing else matters.  We will never fix pay equity, free college, racism, sexism, end the wars, if we don’t have a stable climate.

Fuck Trump, and Fuck the short sighted money grabbers who support him.

Further Reading:

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The Republicans who urged Trump to pull out of Paris deal are big oil darlings: Twenty-two senators wrote a letter to the president when he was said to be on the fence about backing out. They received more than $10m from oil, gas and coal companies the past three election cycles

France, Germany, Italy issue joint statement saying Paris climate accord can’t be renegotiated

Trump Has No Idea What He Just Did or the Backlash That Awaits

Macron invites scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to come work in France, to find concrete solutions to fight climate change.

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Cali State Senate debates healthcare bill

BREAKING: The California State Senate PASSES Universal Healthcare!

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Phone Bank for Progressive Candidates:


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Use this  website to call one of Trump’s many properties he has not put into a blind trust yet, and let them know how you feel (be polite, they are workers just like us, but be firm).

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From CNN of all people.

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