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Trump Watch September 11 2017

Day 226:

I was on vacation

Went and got out into nature, and did some work with my hands. Refreshing to say the least.

Back to the slog of the endless bullshit that is Trump et all.

Further Reading:

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Pope Francis says rescinding DACA is not ‘pro-life’

Too Many Americans Think Patriotism Means Racism And Xenophobia

Now Trump is an “independent” president? Give us a break

Pope launches thinly veiled attack on Trump, saying: ‘History will judge climate change deniers’

Bannon calls Comey firing the biggest mistake in ‘modern political history’.

Florida AG who killed Trump University investigation gets cushy Trump admin job

Steve Bannon’s damning admission about Trump firing James Comey

Why Republicans Can’t Govern

Donald Trump’s 3% growth plan is only for the 1%

Offshore wind energy is cheaper than new nuclear power for first time

Take a look at one of the country’s most blatant gerrymanders

President Trump’s War on Science

Builders fought against making cranes safer in hurricane-prone Miami. Now two have fallen.

‘Legitimately Insane’: To Scare Leakers, Sessions Wants White House Staff Polygraphed

Democrats cringing at Hillary Clinton’s long goodbye. “Clinton’s continued effort to be a leading figure in the party could severely hurt chances for Democrats in 2018, as well as 2020.”


Tools of change:

Feel like this is all a bunch of bullshit?  Want to do something about it?

Calling your government representative:

Call your Senator
Call your House Rep (Or use this spreadsheet)
Call your Governor
Call your Attorney General
Or try this website
Fax Congress here (free!)

You can also use 5Calls.org if you are having a hard time figuring out what to say.

Tell them in no uncertain terms that you want them to fight to stop Trump from doing these things. Tell them you will be watching them closely on how they vote, and will hold them accountable during the next election if they cave to Trump.  You can also call other states congress people and threaten to donate to their opponent if they don’t do what you want.

Phone Bank for Progressive Candidates:


Call the White House:


Call the “White House”:

Use this  website to call one of Trump’s many properties he has not put into a blind trust yet, and let them know how you feel (be polite, they are workers just like us, but be firm).

Do a little Slacktivism:

Send Some Text Messages for progressive causes (I know it says textforbernie, but its for a range of progressive candidates)  Or you can have your texts turned into faxes by the ResistBot

Go to a town hall and talk to your congress person in person:

Check when the next town hall is here

Monitor your congressperson:

Keep track of how your senator is voting on cabinet picks here, so you can call them up and give them hell if they vote for any of these worthless fuckers.

See how your elected representatives are voting for or against Trump.


Also be sure to keep track if you live in a district with an upcoming flip-able seat (flip to the left that is)

See if you have a special election in your area!

Is your mayor up for election?  Find out, get involved!

Upcoming house votes:


Upcoming senate bills:


Monitor Trumps Conflict of Interests:

From CNN of all people.

The Atlantic

General Guides:

Guidelines by former Congress staffers on how to get Congress to listen. https://www.indivisibleguide.com/

Run For Office!:

Want to run for office in your area to fight back, check this out for positions that are open in your area, how to register, and what you need to do to win office!

Remove the Corporate Democrats!:

Join the fight to clean out the democratic party:  Justice Democrats!

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This Is Not Normal,This Is Not OK! :Day 3

Its the third day of Trumps quest to destroy america here is what you should be complaining to your congress person about today:

The first press conference was a parade of lies, mostly centered around how his ego was bruised by the fact that his inauguration was boycotted by most everyone.

see for yourself (statement starts at 1:33 mark).  These press conferences apparently now have full visual aids.  Donald, no one wanted to go to your inauguration because you are historically unpopular!

Just so you know, this was not the first year the floor coverings were used, no metal detectors were used, the subway numbers, the tv ratings, and pretty much everything else he said is a verifiable lie.  We have the internet now guys, you can’t just lie your ass off and have no one notice.  This is not just lies, its propaganda. Designed to re-write history and set a tone with the press.

The great leader must appear at all times like a strong man, with the full support of the people, don’t pay attention to the low numbers, don’t look at the massive protests…don’t buy the hype people.  This is a tin pot dictator in the making, we must not make this normal.

The French have been having a hard time translating trump, mostly because he has a 4th grade vocabulary, and its hard to cram that kind of stupidity into a beautiful language like french.

Just remember this is not OK, this is not normal! We must fight this every single day of his presidency.

And fight him we shall!  The Women’s march against Trump is the LARGEST PROTEST IN US HISTORY!  Somewhere between 3 and 5 million people!  FUCK YOU TRUMP.  We will fight you, and you will lose.

Here are some pictures from the Boston Women’s March.



Feel like this is all a bunch of bullshit?  Want to do something about it?  Call your Senator, and your House Rep. and tell them in no uncertain terms that you want them to fight to stop Trump from doing these things. Tell them you will be watching them closely on how they vote, and will hold them accountable during the next election if they cave to Trump.


This Is Not Normal, This Is Not OK!

Donald Trump is not normal, he is not OK.  We can not allow this to be normalized.

I am going to try and re-fire up this blog, if only to keep a running tally of the bad things Trump and his administration is doing.

This is day one.

Things he is doing or is planning on doing today.

Removing most of the good stuff from the old whitehouse.gov and replacing it with his own lies and propaganda. 

Threatening to use presidential orders to delay a law that was put in place to keep brokers from scamming people who come to them for retirement advice. (bonus step of putting a federal hiring freeze in, cutting much needed jobs)

Its been about 4 hours since he has been president, so the list will only grow from here.