We Know This Story

So right now there are crazy stories comming out of texas, of more levies breaking in port arthur, and new orleans is back under water as the levies there broke again, people are calling 911 as their houses blow apart around them…of cource the wind is so bad that the cops cant drive around, every single transmission line is down, so no power for a month at least. fires in huston and galviston sparked by lighting burn out of control. basicly there are very few things to report about this event. rita is fucking shit up, and we are helpless to do anything about it.

Pictures Sept 24 2005

Here are some new pics i took, click for full size images.

Dune grass grows by sending out little feelers (called rhizoms) under the ground, this little guy is taking over new land.

These are honey bees on japanese knot weed, which is an invasive species here on cape cod, but pretty none the less.

The bees seem to love this shit, its horrible, however, because they are helping to polinate an invasive.

We All Knew This Was Going To Happen

so it seems that the new pope is getting down to work. after a tuff day of fighting poverty, baptising the pagens, trying to get everyone to “just get along” what does old popey do for fun…thats right draft secret documents explaining his pogrom to get rid of “the gays”. “what would jesus do?” would he preach love and compasion for everyone, would he say judge not lest ye be judged, love thy neighbor, would he perhaps say live and let live, nay my friends he would say “get them fucking queers out of the church“. or some such bullshit. good to know religions are fighting for the world to get along. not, you know, preaching hatred or anything.

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