Let Freedom ring! Gay Marriage Remains Legal in Massachusetts.

Hurray! Well at least some things in life go well. Gay marriage is safe once again in Massachusetts. Gay people are my friends, gay people are mothers, and fathers, and brothers and sisters, and good hard working members of this country. It is good to see that they can enjoy the rights of others. At least here in Mass. No one can take the right away until 2008. By then I feel that there will be too many married couples for them to take the right away. And also by then maybe other states will follow in Mass’s footsteps. Gay people have been getting married here for over a year now and Boston has not fallen into the ocean…so maybe people need to chill the fuck out.

Hope yet.

This is amazing, this guy lost both arms and now is the proud owner of two brain controled (thats right, he thinks, they move) arms. I can see this technology being used for everything from replacing arms, legs, etc. To controling remote vehicles in war, exploration etc. It reminds me of the pen and paper game shadowrun.

Bush Asks Condie To Go To The Potty?!

Holy fucking shit! I always knew that our president is, should we say, a bit “slow.” At the same time we all know that Carl Rove, Condi and the rest have to take care of him, but its getting bad. Yahoo reported this photo of Bush writing a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice . close up note of president. (click for bigger picture) “I think I may need a bathroom break? Is this possible. W.” WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE! The leader of our nation is asking to go to the potty. We are all in big big trouble.

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