What WHat WHAT!

Holy crap hell must have frozen over. FEMA is taking back the no-bid contracts that it gave out. This may be the sign of the growing power of good. Or maybe bush just cant take anymore bad press.

The acting head of FEMA says he’s “never been a fan” of no-bid contracts.

David Paulison says the agency will re-bid federal contracts that were handed out after Hurricane Katrina, to prevent waste or abuse.

More than 80 percent of at least one and-a-half (b) billion dollars in FEMA contracts were awarded with little or no competition.

Some were worded in ways that previous audits have cited as being highly prone to abuse. Paulison says the contracts will be looked at “very carefully.”

What The Hell?

So today i was at work, answering the phones. i work with a really sweet non-profit called Cape And Islands Self Reliance. They run an oil co-op. they use the power of their members to force oil sellers to give people lower prices. and then use that money to support renewable energy. pretty sweet huh. well i get a phone call from a lady today. and she wants to make sure we dont support the wind farm in nantuket sound. i told her that as an orginization we dont take a stance. when in fact we support the shit out of it in every way but officialy. She then goes on to say and i quote “i support renewable energy, but you know, not in my back yard” HOLY SHIT. so i guess its ok to just come out and say it. you dont need to make anything up, you just let the world know that Not In My Backyard is ok with you. i was just like “gah….” ohh well maybe extinction isnt such a bad idea after all.

And God Said Let There Be War (bush says god told him to go to war)

so it turns out that god was in fact the reason we went to war in iraq. in fact that rascle did an end run around all of us and personaly told bush to go to war. that silly jokester. i bet jesus and mary are just having a nice hearty gut laugh every time a car bomb goes off, or a child is shot. wow that god, he is a cut up. i wonder if god told ole bush to hate gays, and black people, and neglect the poor, and ruin the environment as well. man i havent been to church in 20 years of so, but i seem to recal god being all about love and hugs and bunnies and shit. i guess god got himself a pair of balls and a PATRIOT act, and is ready to kick some islamic ass. wwjd.

One More Reason To Hate Cars

I am an avid cyclist, and as any cyclist can tell you, cars are the enemy. Cars hog the road, treat you like shit, and put your life in danger every time you ride. Yesterday a 14 year old boy was hit and killed by a car. Today a small shrine has sprung up at the place of his death. It made me cry on my way to work, to see a kid taken out by a fucking car at such a young age. I stopped and took some pictures of some people dropping off flowers…I can only hope he is remebered by lots of people. It is my opinion that otherwise normal and nice people turn into crazy people when they get in a car. The seperation from the outer world makes you forget that your actions have real effects on the world. I am sure any of you who drive have been cut off and instantly start to scream at the other person, something you would never think of doing if someone walked in front of you on the sidewalk. I honestly feel that the car, along with religion, are the two worst inventions ever created. the car kills more people than any war ever has, destroys our land for roads, fouls our air, uses up resources, and makes us forget what it is to be human. In honor of every kid that is taken out by a car at far too young an age, i want each and every one of us to get out there and walk, bike, or run. Experience nature, get back in touch with other humans, hug someone. This kid will never get to do any of that ever again. It is our duty to change these things.

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