My Drive To Work

As I drove into work today I felt a great deal of despair. Gas is 3.50 at many stations, NPR is reporting that 100’s of people are dieing from dehydration and the sun because there is no one to help them. On one dock out of 1500 people waiting for a boat over 100 have died because of lack of food and water. Less than 24 hours after the tsunami people were getting food and water air dropped into Banda-ache. What the fuck is going on. Will people finally make the connection? Is this the event in which a world-changing shift occurs? After 9-11 many people said “we live in a different world now.” Will president Bush realize that now is the time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING!

Numbers That Might Help

I have been trying to get a hold of ANYONE, to find out if one of my friends that lives in gulf coast Mississippi is alive or safe or what. I have had little luck as cell phone towers are down and all numbers seem to be busy, so if anyone know Jamie Martin from Pascagoula Mississippi, please leave me a message letting me know what you know about her. Below is a list of numbers that might help you find who you are looking for.
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (601-352-9100); 24-hour emergency line, (800-222-MEMA or 800-222-6362)
red cross next of kin line 1-866-GET-INFO
FEMA 1-800-621-FEMA

Lets all hope for the best, but it seems this town was hit bad. Lets just hope they all left before the storm.

Global Warming, Hurricanes, and Red State Politics.

So I take a week off and all hell breaks loose. I was in Georgia and was able to feel the secondary effects of this very large and powerful storm. We got lots of rain and lots of lightning.
There have been many “dooms day” scenarios when it comes to global warming and hurricanes. One of them is the flooding of New Orleans. The scenario goes something like this; a massive hurricane comes ashore and breaks the levies surrounding New Orleans. The city of about half a million people is anywhere from 6-20 feet below sea level. The levies surround the city and keep it from being covered in seawater and Mississippi river water.
It seems that his horrific scenario has come to pass. The levies around this city are indeed broken and millions of gallons of water is now pouring into the city. The last I heard as many as 80,000 homes are underwater. As I am writing this, the water is still rising, and it has no place to go. The levies that protect the city are now keeping the water from draining away.
New Orleans is not nearly the only place hit by this massive storm. Large swaths of the south coast have been knocked over by Katrina. Small towns where people had little to begin with, are now left with nothing.
As a side note, oil is now over 70 (!!!) dollars a barrel. Because of the ass whooping Katrina gave to the oil platforms and pipelines in the gulf. So I ask this question again, why have the politicians from these southern states (all red states) not lobbied hard for our government to do something, ANYTHING, about global warming. Why haven’t we rebuilt the wetlands around New Orleans to buffer us from future storms? Why are these states still the ones that say global warming has nothing to do with storms or storm intensity? Only time will tell.

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