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And God Said No Take Backs (bush now claims god doesnt tell him what to do)

So a while ago i posted that god was being a little rascel and making bush do stuff. Now it seems that he is saying that he was telling a little white lie about the whole god thing. Of cource there is this.

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I am most shaken by the part when he talks about how god will accept the dead soldiers into heaven, i am sure the people sitting behind him want to hear about how they are going to die for gods little war(who you might notice look like the “its a small world” ride bush’s handlers are very sneaky)…. seems we would be better off without all this mess.

George Bush Dont Like Black People, The Video

You have heard the song, now see the video(s) The weird thing is, the song seems to be even more powerful with images. Most of the time i think videos take away from songs. but the makers of these videos have combined powerful imagery with stinging social commentary to really bring the message home. George Bush and the government of this country dropped the ball big time on this. Lets just hope they do better after Rita destroys the texas gulf coast. (the second video is better in my opinion, the first seems to be a little too flippant, while the second is really much more true and real)

Download Video One (wmv)

DownloadVideo Two (wmv)


Not only is Dick Cheney a creepy robot like ape hybrid scary man, he also seems to be on evil auto-pilot.

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you will notice several things. After hours of destruction, people’s dead bodies floating in water, whole towns destroyed, he still seems to be in a jovial joking mood. He is mindlessly listing things the government is doing to help flood victims, is interrupted by someone shouting “go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney, go fuck yourself” makes a little joke, and keeps right on going as if nothing has happened. There is something so wrong with this man, imagine if this was 9-11 and he had just gotten done touring New York city and someone said this to him, and he made a little joke and kept on talking to reporters…this is the kind of leadership we have. At the very least he could have showed some respect to a man who most likely has lost everything, has no place to live, and is pissed off a government that is not helping him out. Instead he just sticks to the old script, pausing only to belittle the man. Ohh, and notice he doesn’t miss a chance to gloat about the elections he has helped steal.