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10 Questions – Steve Mugiri And The Afrigadget Team

10 questions

I found Afrigadget one day while looking for renewable energy stories from Africa. I was quickly enchanted by the wonderful and amazing stories of African innovators. The gadgets highlighted are not only creative, but life changing. The bloggers at Afrigadget bring to the world amazing inventions from the African continent. Steve Mugiri one of the bloggers from Afrigadget, was gracious enough to sit down for an email conversation with me.

1. The Naib: Could you tell us how AfriGadget got started, what was the inspiration?

Steve Mugiri: Afrigadget was started over a year ago by a number of African bloggers.
The inspiration behind Afrigadget was to provide a platform on which the appropriate use of technology and African ingenuity in its application could be showcased. Afrigadget had a quick growth phase about this time when Erik Hersman signed on many of the contributing editors to the blog, including myself.

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Greenpeace’s New Ads Take Aim At Political Hypocrisy

We have already reported on the recent survey showing massive support for the Cape Wind project from people who live in Massachusetts (both on Cape cod and state wide). And now Greenpeace is airing television ads in Massachusetts (starting today) targeting Rep. William Delahunt and Sen. Edward Kennedy. The lawmakers continue to oppose the Cape Wind project, to be sited in Nantucket Sound off of Cape Cod, which is slated to be the first offshore wind energy installation in the United States. The ads will air this week and next, and again the week of September 10, to set the record straight after a misleading radio ad campaign by Cape Wind opponents.

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Getting Naked To Bring Attention To Global Warming

In an event organized in collaboration with Greenpeace, hundreds of naked people braved the cold on Aug. 18 to highlight the impacts of climate change on the Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps. The nude volunteers posed for renowned installation artist Spencer Tunick in an event that signified and created a symbolic link between people and glaciers which are rapidly retreating as a result of climate change. Greenpeace predicts that if global warming continues at its current rate, most glaciers in Switzerland are expected to have completely disappeared by 2080 with nothing but valleys and slopes remaining in their place. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the world only has eight years remaining to take the urgent action needed to curb catastrophic climate change.

Glacier And Ice Cap Melting Could Make Sea-Level Rise Worse Than Expected

melting glacier

Ice loss from glaciers and ice caps is expected to cause more global sea rise during this century than the massive Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, according to a new University of Colorado at Boulder study.

The researchers found that glaciers and ice caps are currently contributing about 60 percent of the world’s ice to the oceans and the rate has been markedly accelerating in the past decade. The contribution is presently about 100 cubic miles of ice annually — a volume nearly equal to the water in Lake Erie — and is rising by about three cubic miles per year.

In contrast, the CU-Boulder team estimated Greenland is now contributing about 28 percent of the total global sea rise from ice loss and Antarctica is contributing about 12 percent. Greenland is not expected to catch up to glaciers and ice caps in terms of sea-level rise contributions until the end of the century.

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Cheney Admits Going To War In Iraq Will Be A Quagmire…13 Years ago.

This video raises an interesting question. Are our leaders A: stupid, B: forgetful, C: Both? Cheney lays out a pretty compelling argument for why we should NOT invade Iraq, only to turn around 10 years later and lie cheat and steal our way into the very same conflict he says will be a quagmire. Could the massive amount of money he stood to gain from his Haliburton stocks have anything to do with it, is he going senile in his old age, could he have suddenly gone mad with power? Who knows? What we do know is that at the time this video was taken, Cheney thought going to war in Iraq was a bad idea, too bad he didn’t stick to that point of view.

Some highlights.

Mentions Iraq will be quagmire
Implies loosing american lives not worth it to get rid of Saddam
Lays out importance of having allies, and stresses that without allies mission will fail
Displays knowledge of the fact that Iraq is a very split and diverse place and without Saddam is most likely to break apart

All of this adds up to a surprisingly in depth knowledge of the kind of shit that can break loose if we say unilaterally invade Iraq…and yet he went on later to say the exact opposite. Mind boggling!?!