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The Smoking Gun

global warming chart

FIGURE SPM-5. Projected surface temperature changes for the early and late 21st century relative to the period 1980–1999. The central and right panels show the Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation multi-Model average projections for the B1 (top), A1B (middle) and A2 (bottom) SRES scenarios averaged over decades 2020–2029 (center) and 2090–2099 (right). The left panel shows corresponding uncertainties as the relative probabilities of estimated global average warming from several different AOGCM and EMICs studies for the same periods. Some studies present results only for a subset of the SRES scenarios, or for various model versions. Therefore the difference in the number of curves, shown in the left-hand panels, is
due only to differences in the availability of results.

Its here, one of the most comprehensive studies ever done on global warming. With over 2500 scientists, over 800 contributing writers, 450 lead authors from over 130 countries, taking over 6 years to produce this one amazing report. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has done a wonderful job of bringing so much mental power to bear on studing this problem.

In essence this is a “read it and weep” moment for anyone who accepts science but not human caused global warming, for thouse who refuse to accept science this wont do anything for you.

This is a sober and strongly worded message to the world, do something, and do it now. Its far too late to stop the harmful effects of what we have already done, but its not too late to prevent even worse things from happening. Global warming is going to hurt us, badly, but if we act soon it wont kill us. You know what they say about things that don’t kill you…

From the study summary:
Download the summary and read it for yourself here (pdf)

Global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide have increased markedly as a result of human activities since 1750 and now far exceed pre-industrial values determined from ice cores spanning many thousands of years. The global
increases in carbon dioxide concentration are due primarily to fossil fuel use and land-use change, while those of methane and nitrous oxide are primarily due to agriculture.

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global mean sea level

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Flywheel Storage Technology

beacon power flywheelThe California Energy Commission today announced that an innovative flywheel energy technology to enhance California’s electricity grid is now one step closer to commercialization. The Smart Energy Matrix system, developed by Beacon Power’s, is a 100-kilowatt scale-power flywheel energy storage system and a prototype for Beacon’s planned 20-megawatt-level commercial system.

Check out a flash animation of how this technology would be used to regulate the grid. This regulation feature could also be used to do the same for variable output renewable technologies like wind or solar. See a very good video of how these techs would work with renewable energy and how the energy market works here.

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Wind Power Is Competitive

vesta on shore wind farmThe analysis found here (pdf) presents the following results:

* In a carbon constrained world, wind power can be competitive with several
conventional power technologies depending on the price of carbon. EER’s analysis
considers the impact of the cost of carbon at 30 euros per metric tonnes.

* Much of the generation capacity currently being used in Europe is more than 20
years old and has as such been 100 % depreciated. Therefore, this analysis is
interesting in that it compares like with like, i.e. newly built wind power plants with
newly built conventional power plants.

All things considered, wind power is a superb supplement to the current power mix as it
increases the supply of electricity, reduces the consumption of conventional fuels, has little or
no carbon footprint and is an inexhaustible local resource.

Not to mention they look totally sweet when they are working. Check out these two amazing videos of some Vesta wind turbines (on and off shore) working. Be warned they are large files, but they look real purty! Notice in the land based one just how silent these turbines are. That noise you hear is the wind, and as the camera pans over to the turbine that is how little noise they make.

(I suggest the old right click and save as option as these are large)

Vesta On Shore Turbine ( 37.4mb mpg)
Vesta Off Shore Turbines ( 65.8mb mpg)

Monday Confessional

This is a fat catAnother Monday, another confession. Lets do this one in order of importance.

First up Tess. I spent the weekend with Tess. It was super cool. We exchanged gifts early, she gave me a Dune book I had lost. If you are a Dune fan of my caliber and you don’t have the second Dune book, well… lets just say Tess saved me from a lot of embarrassment. She was radiant and wonderful as always. We played with a doggy, a bunny and saw The Holiday.

If you are thinking about going to see The Holiday make sure you take someone you love a lot. I took Tess. The reason I say this is because this movie is HORRIBLE, and the only point in going to see it is to spend some time with someone you really love and make fun of the movie with them. The acting was bad, the plot was predictable, the ending was stupid. Tess was amazing, because of her I still felt like it was money well spent. I could get hit by an asteroid, or run over by a horse, but nothing will erase the fun we had poking fun at this insult of a movie.

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