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This Is Classy

Ever wanted a low rider bicycle, but also wanted a slick city bike and didn’t have room for both in your apartment? Well you need one of these bad boys.

I love how smooth the transition is, no latches, no muss, no fuss, just sweet low ridding/city bike awesomeness.

Utilities, Business Acting Now To Prepare For CO2 Regulation


Last week I attended the 43rd annual Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College in tiny St. Peter, MN. Authorized by the Nobel Foundation of Stolkhom, Sweden, the conference brings together renowned experts to discuss timely issues, like aging or globalization. This year, it was “Heating Up: The Energy Debate.”

My highlight of the conference was hearing from economist Paul L. Joskow of MIT, who discussed carbon regulation.
While many politicians favor a cap-and-trade policy (in which a limit on CO2 is determined and then tradable/sellable permits to pollute are issued to utilities and industry), economists generally prefer a carbon tax that simply taxes CO2 at a certain rate.

That said, Joskow actually argued that a cap-and-trade policy is the best way to create a market for CO2 and drive down emissions. First of all, a cap-and-trade policy is politically feasible, and making sure it actually has a chance of passing Congress in our lifetime is the most important thing to slowing global warming. Secondly, a cap-and-trade plan links the U.S. with other nations (and states) that have already started down this path, thus creating a global solution to a global problem.

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This Is Why That Crap From Walmart Is So Cheap

They have literally replaced machine parts with human parts. This is hardly the worst thing that the global economy has produced, but it should give you pause the next time you buy some cheap metal trinket from a big box store. Would you make people work this way? Because in a way every time we buy cheap crap from these factories we are in essence doing just that.

I assure you that the guys in this press are not making the lions share of the money from whatever it is they are producing, so it’s not like we are doing them any favors in keeping them in a dangerous shitty job. We should be pressuring our government to require fair wage, and fair labor practices in the countries of our trading partners. Until it becomes politically dangerous for congress people to support the current system of global trade, it simply wont stop.

I know its a lot to think about when all you want is a cheap flower pot, but that’s the world we live in.