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A Beautiful Lie

Jared Leto whos only claims to fame is that his last name is a Dune reference, and he was the blond guy that got his face rearranged in fight club seems to have formed himself a band, and they got themselves a song. Now he has teamed up with NRDC to promote action on climate change.

Sort of reminds me of AFI, but very nice scenery. It’s a half way decent song (sorta) and the video has a nice message. What do you think? Do celebrities influence your view on issues? Does dream boat Jared Leto’s face make you care more about your carbon foot print? Can it hurt to have green issues being the cause celeb? Do we run the risk of making this a trend, when really it needs to be a culture shift? Let me know in the comments.


What To Do With That Old Cell Phone

How often do you get a new cell phone? Once a year, once every two years? A better questions might be, how often does your cell phone break and require that you buy a new one (I am amazed at how poorly most cell phones are put together). If you are like the average American you go through a new cell phone about ever 1.5 years. Considering the amount of toxic metals and chemicals in each and every cell phone what do you do with it when it’s time to get a new one?

We have talked about cell phone recycling before, what I want to see is a type of phone that is built from the ground up to be durable, reusable (in the way that you can put new innards in it when it becomes old, or update the software), and biodegradable. But until that happens be sure to check out Secret Life to figure out how to recycle your cell phone.

Chicago And New York City Team Up With REI To Promote Cycling

cool bike rack

Everyone knows that bicycles are sweet. They keep you in good shape, allow you to experience nature in a direct way, and they are a great way to reduce our carbon foot print (bikes don’t run on oil). Which is why it is great news that New York City’s Transportation Alternatives and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation have been selected as the first recipients of REI/Bicycle Friendly Communities Grants of $15,000 each. This new grant fund, administered by the Bikes Belong Foundation and made possible with support from Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), helps aspiring, committed Bicycle Friendly Communities become great places to ride.

Transportation Alternatives (TA) will use their award to support a comprehensive citywide bike parking initiative designed to increase bike transportation in New York by giving cyclists safe, convenient places to park and store their bicycles. TA will conduct advocacy work for “parking spot swaps” and legislation mandating bicycle access to commercial buildings. The grant will also back a bike-rack design competition organized by the NYC Department of Transportation, TA, and city art museums.

Chicagoland Bicycle Federation will use their funding to produce the first of a series of Sunday Parkways events in Chicago, modeled after Ciclovia in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Bogotá, Columbia. With a goal of “transforming communities by invigorating their lifelines—their streets—every weekend from June through October,” Sunday Parkways promises to dramatically increase ridership in the city of Chicago by creating a car-free community celebration that other U.S. cities can adopt.

(video is of Bogota)

“Chicago and New York are already working hard to become bike friendly,” said Tim Blumenthal, executive director of Bikes Belong. “These REI grants will help city governments, businesses, community leaders and nonprofit groups increase cycling for transportation and recreation. The result will be reduced road congestion and air pollution, and better health and quality of life for residents and visitors.”

Bicycle Friendly Communities is a program developed by the League of American Bicyclists to inspire city governments to create safe, appealing bicycle routes and facilities as well programs that encourage people of all ages to ride bikes for transportation and recreation. Currently, there are 72 communities across the country designated with bronze, silver, gold, or platinum BFC awards. The League’s BFC staff provides applicants with resources and technical assistance, and offers workshops and site visits for communities that want to develop and energize their efforts to become more bicycle friendly.

I think that you are going to see a lot more of this, as the economy slows down, and oil prices stay high, the bicycle is going to look better and better. “Take that love handle and use it to power your commute!” or “Hey save hundreds a year by riding your bike” or “Save the earth, ride a bike.” Pick your slogan, it doesn’t really matter why you ride, so long as you do it. Happy riding!

Getting Ready For The Final Bush State Of The Union

Hurray! He is almost gone. It is no secret that I really don’t like Bush. To me he represents just about everything I am against. He has decimated this country, the environment, our standing in the world, and he is an idiot to boot. I am pretty stoked that this will be the last time I have to watch his beady eyed little face cough out lies, and his lying mouth say one more time “the state of our union is strong.”

Ugh, like many in this country I am suffering from outrage overload. Bush and co. have done so many horrible things, at such a rapid clip that it is impossible to stay angry at all of them. You are left with a general malaise of horrible that soaks into your being. I believe America can be great, I believe that we can lead the world to a better place (even if it means getting out of the way), and it saddens me greatly that we have allowed such a moron to run our country for so long. I for one won’t miss him a bit.

So with barf bag at the ready I will be listening to Bush on his final (only in my darkest conspiracy nightmares could I fathom him getting to do this again) State Of The Union. And when its over I will take a deep breath and realize that it is over.

Since Kucinich dropped out (I miss you Dennis), I have been having a really hard time deciding who I want to vote for. Who are you voting for? Who do you think would do a good job fixing the mess that Bush has left us? Who do you think has the best environmental policy? Help me decide.