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Beauty Standards

Today I was talking with some of my friends about how young people want to attain a beauty norm that doesn’t really exist. Here is a perfect example.

As you can see with a little bit of makeup the right hair dresser and some photo shop anybody can look like a model. The funny thing is that the lady in the video is good looking to start with and when they are done she looks like some sort of crazy made plastic droid thing.

Google Goes Solar

With Whole Foods going 100% wind (by using green tags), and many other companies following suit, as well as some government agencies, its no wonder that Google would go solar.

I would imagine that Google uses a shit-tonne (that being more than a butt-load, and less than a ho-billion) of electricity could really use a large 1.6 MEGAwatt installation.

mock up of solar system on Google campus

From here

Google Inc. plans a solar-powered electricity system at its Silicon Valley headquarters that will rank as the largest U.S. solar-powered corporate office complex, the company said on Wednesday.

The Web search leader said it is set to begin building a rooftop solar-powered generation system at its Mountain View, California, headquarters capable of generating 1.6 megawatts of electricity, or enough to power 1,000 California homes.

“This is the largest customer-owned solar electric system at a corporate site,” said Noah Kaye, director of public affairs at the Solar Energy Industries Association, an industry group based in Washington, D.C.

A Google executive said the company will rely on solar power to supply nearly a third of the electricity consumed by office workers at its roughly one-million-square-foot headquarters. This does not include power consumed by data centers that power many of Google’s Web services worldwide, he said.

You can watch a video of the potential installation here.

A little run down of the system from the designers website shows the system stats as the following.

Mountain View, California

System Size:
1.6 MW
Energy Output:
2,611,719 kWh per year
$393,000 + annually
C02 emissions reduced by 3.6 million pounds/year (equivalent to 4.28 million car miles/year)

Read the PDF stat sheet here.

The payback on a system of this size is amazingly fast.

By building the largest solar power system ever installed at a single corporate campus, Google will save more than $393,000 annually in energy costs — or close to $15 million over the 30-year lifespan of its solar system. At this rate, the system will pay for itself in approximately 7.5 years.

Lets hope this inspires other tech giants to start doing the same.

Words That Move

Found this and thought it said everything I would have wanted to say. I sometimes forget just how interesting this guy and his show are. The daily show always seems to cut right to the heart of the bullshit. Gets right to the point. You will notice that he makes no calls for revenge, makes no pleas for destruction, simply states eloquently that freedom is its own reward. In the end the greatest enemy to freedom is ourselves if we let it slip away. We are the only ones with enough power to take our freedom away, it is only ourselves that keep us free, we must have the bravery to stand up to our own leaders. It’s up to all of us to keep this country great.

Bush Gone Mad

Watch this highly disturbing bit of video. Notice the way the President pokes at the chest of the interviewer, notice the red eyes, notice the bully like stance, notice the circular logic. Take note of the fact that this man runs this country, that this man is “the most powerful man in the world,” be afraid be very very afraid.

Click here to download the file (wmv)

He at one point implies that we should not question his power because he is protecting our families. Not in the we are the government we will protect you kind of way, but rather in the “we are the fucking mob and we are going to offer you protection” kind of way. Highly highly disturbing, and a small window into what kind of crazy wack job we have running this nation. I could go on and on…

Permaculture In Jordan

Dave sent me this really cool video. Its about a man who has turned the desert into fertile land by using natural processes and sustainable methods. If he can do this in the desert just think what we could do in the heartlands of this country.

From the video

They laughed at him and said it couldn’t be done.
Nothing could be grown in that salt laden dustbowl.
But Geoff Lawton had other ideas.
He travels the world teaching others how to repair trashed environments that are beyond hope of becoming productive.
In this story, Geoff talks about re-greening the deserts of Jordan. By applying the principles of permaculture, the Jordanians managed to salvage a heavily salted environment and turn it into a green oasis.
Geoff lives and teaches at his farm near The Channon, a small community not far from Lismore. Geoff boasts that despite not having a police station or church, the Channon has some of the most tolerant and friendly people in Australia.

Click here To watch the video (flash video)