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A Wind Turbine With A View

This 1Mw turbine in England comes with a little something special. If you are up to a three hundred step climb you can catch a view from just below the turbine itself.

This is a great idea, add observation towers to wind turbines so that the public can use the tower to get a nice view. You can see more from these talented video artists here.

Studies have shown that once people live around a wind turbine they are much more likely to support the installation of others. This is a great way to let the people of that town experience first hand, up close, what turbines are like. Did I mention that the view is stunning?

Making The Data Work For Us By Making It Beautiful

With the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, Hans Rosling debunks a few myths about the “developing” world.

(Recorded February 2006 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 20:35) – More here.

Using an set of amazing data presentation tool, Rosling is able to show that all that data that world governments have been collecting for years should not just be sitting around some place, but rather be put to good use. He litterly makes the data into something beautiful. Presenting it in such a way that it is no longer a serious of numbers but rather something that almost anyone can grasp and understand. His blog lays out various ways in which the data can be used to help inform policy, and make real substanative changes in the world.

Rosling is professor of of international health at Sweden’s world-renowned Karolinska Institute, and founder of Gapminder, a non-profit that brings vital global data to life.

11 Megawatt Photovoltaic Power Plant Comes Online

11 mw solar power plant
Serpa power plant (pdf) Portugal 52,000 solar panels, 150 acres, 11 MW

Spread across a hillside pasture amid olive trees, 52,000 shimmering photovoltaic modules in one of the world’s largest solar power plants have begun generating enough electricity for 8,000 homes, GE, PowerLight Corp. and Catavento SA announced today.

After eight months of construction and testing, GE Energy Financial Services, a unit of General Electric, PowerLight, a subsidiary of SunPower Corporation and Catavento dedicated the 11-megawatt Serpa solar power plant today, on schedule no less. The facility — a model of clean power generation integrated with agriculture — is in one of Europe’s sunniest areas, in Portugal’s Alentejo agricultural region in the town of Serpa, 200 kilometers (124 miles) southeast of Lisbon.

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