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Super Efficient Washer

green washing machine It washes your cloths sure, but check out what else it does. The AQUA Washing Machine, has been launched in Japan and uses a device called Aqualoop which recycles water for use in further washes, aiming to conserve around 50 litres of water.

It also has a facility called Air Wash, which enables owners to clean items of clothing that would usually require dry cleaning or those that cannot be conventionally washed in water. Air Wash infuses the clothes with odor and bacteria-killing chemicals, which could be of use if items smell of pets or smoke. The machine has been designed with the consumer in mind, as it has a higher-placed drum allowing it to be filled while the owner is standing up.

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People Want Wind Power Are Willing To Pay More For It

nysted wind farmWhen asked to select from a variety of sources to help the state increase its energy supply, more than 90 percent of the 949 Delaware residents responding to the survey supported an offshore wind option–in which whirling wind turbines as tall as 40-story buildings would be erected off the coast to generate electricity–even if wind power were to add between $1 and $30 per month to their electric bills. Fewer than 10 percent voted for an expansion of coal or natural gas power at current prices.

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Australian Solar Car Breaks Record

sunswift 3 in trafficAfter leaving Perth’s Scarborough Beach last Wednesday at 8:20am Jaycar Sunswift III arrived in the Sydney CBD at 1:20pm yesterday. Despite cloudy weather for the first two days of the record attempt the team was still able to push through and shatter the previous record by 3 days.

Read more of this awesome journey on the teams website here.

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A group of university students from Sydney have broken the world record for the fastest solar powered road trip from Perth to Sydney.

The team of 11 engineering students from the University of New South Wales made the trip in the Sunswift 3 in five days, beating the 1994 record by nearly three days.

The solar panelled car travelled an average of 700 kilometres a day at speeds of around 70 kilometres an hour.

Engineering student Andrew Pratley says he hopes more consideration will be given to similar vehicles in the future.

“Climate change is a huge topical issue and examples like this show we don’t need fossil fuels to drive on the roads,” he said.

“It doesn’t present a practical alternative in the next five to 10 years but it shows that a group of students can drive across Australia with no fuel, then there probably is better alternatives for us to consider as a nation on where we go with our future transport.”