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In Trouble With The Voters…Just Raise The Alert Level

So it always seemed to me that every time the administration has something going wrong, they just call some false terror alert and get everyone to talk about that…seems i am not the only one. (more here)

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Of cource with rove out of the way there is more than just the way people look that is falling apart…bush cant even get a little thing like a scripted talk with pre-coached script following troops right.

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Seems “message discipline” is breaking down all over.

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The American Machine Runs Down

So i did a bit of research and found that, cars and heart attacks kill a lot more people than terror ever did. Yet we spend an astronomical sum of money on the “war on freedom terror” Just how many more deaths, and how much more money you might ask?

transportation deaths in 2002 (last year with good data)

Illness Deaths (2002, top ten)
Heart Disease: 696,947
Cancer: 557,271
Stroke: 162,672
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 124,816
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 106,742
Diabetes: 73,249
Influenza/Pneumonia: 65,681
Alzheimer’s disease: 58,866
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 40,974
Septicemia: 33,865

Total: 1,966,382

So from cars and illness we got about two million people killed each year.

Money spent on these probelms. (here, here)
8,427,685,000 ish.

We got about 2 million dead people and we are throwing about 8.5 billion at the problem.

Now lets see in the last couple of years we have maybe 4000 people killed from terrorism in america, but lets throw in the deaths of the iraq civilians, and the soldiers (just the american ones) just because bush keeps trying to link the two.
We get about

The cost of the war in iraq so far (leaving out all the other funding for the “war on terror” and the defending the father homeland.)
In the ball park of
205 BILLION dollars.

About 33 thousand dead people at a cost of 205 BILLION dollars to fix them.

That means for each war related death we are spending.
6,324,817.96 per person.

For transportation and illness related deaths we are spending about.
4000 per person.

It seems to me that from an economical stand point we might be getting riped off. It would be cheaper to just send big macs and cars to iraq in huge numbers and let them kill themselves off in car crashes and heart attacks. I would think that republicans who are all about money would have seen this a long time ago…

Guess when god tells you to do something you cant say no.

Lets just stick our heads in the ground. but cheer up, once we are gone, something will live on.

Boat Slowly Sinking

Ha Ha Ha…Ohh.

Want to work for the bush white house. No problem just drop a large sum of money at the next republican fund raiser. If you dont have the cash you can apply here. I laughed at first till i found this…

“The success of the Bush-Cheney administration will depend on the quality appointees we choose to join us to lead this nation in the years ahead. I will look for people who are willing to work hard to do what is best for America, who examine the facts and do what is right whether or not it is popular. I will look for people from across the country and from every walk of life. I welcome all who are ready for this great challenge to apply.”
President George W. Bush