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We Are The Laughing Stock Of The World

Why do we do things like this, why is it that Kansas and other states just cant get over the fact that you cant teach religion in science class. Why does Kansas feel the need to inject religious faith into the classroom? Why stop at the Christian faith, why not throw in every religion in the world. Hell lets toss in one i just made up, here is how it goes. The great lord Kudu, ruler of the universe, stopped in our solar system 40000 years ago, and took a giant galactic shit, this shit hardened into what we now call the earth. Lets teach that in science class. You think its rather foolish? Well we have just as much proof for that little theory as we do for any other religions ideas. Bah.

Dumb Kansas

You Want What?!

So its fine if scooter and dick and rove leak shit about undercover CIA agents to get back at her husband politically, but you leak the fact that CIA is breaking the law of many countries (and our own) by having a secret prison system world wide, the republicans go nuts. I mean really, what the fuck. How is it that you can even care, if the CIA is breaking the law, and illegally imprisoning people world wide. Basically getting rid of any rights an individual might have, well then in my opinion that is not a “leak” that is whistle blowing. That is some patriot letting the world know something is wrong and needs fixed. Leaking the name of an undercover agent, because you don’t like the fact that her husband is proving you are a lier, well thats treason.

Are We Doomed?
Are we doomed?

I Miss Bubba

It seems that the good leaders in our government need to get back together. I remember when Clinton was president, not everything was perfect, but the people of the world liked us. They didn’t see us as greedy, invading, torturing, dictators. Instead they saw us as slightly perverted, good natured people. Ahh pax Clintona, how I miss you.

Dear Democrat’s,

Please please please, get your act together and get this fucker out of office.

Love Shane

At least the liberals are making some small ground, lets hope this trend continues.

Death Toll Mounts In Pakistan

The death toll in Pakistan has gone over 83 THOUSAND people. With many many more set to perish during the harsh winter. Its good to know that for a small small fraction of our military budget we could build homes for every single one of these people, as well as fix the gulf coast, fund world wide hunger relief, improve our schools, make leaps and bounds in science, and move our space exploration forward. All this and we could still spend billions on bombs, just a couple billion less….but you know its more important to blow things up and cause death and mayhem.