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Checking In With The Good People Over At MySietch

As you may or may not know, The Sietch offers visitors to the site the option to get their very own fully functioning website of their own (for free!). MySietch is free, fast and easy to set up and best of all super fun. If you are interested in getting your own website sign up here.

So lets see whats going on with some of the regulars.

Red State Green:

RSG is one of our most prolific bloggers, she has an amazing site filled to the brim with useful and interesting ideas. I especially liked her recent article about planting seedlings for this springs garden.

All you need is dirt and something to hold it in. I like the paper egg cartons because you can just cut them apart and put the whole thing in the ground, plant, cup and all. You can get special potting soil but I know people who just use regular dirt or compost and do fine. Other people like making pots out of paper or you can go to a garden shop and buy the pre-made paper pots.

The Unsuitablog:

Keith one of the authors here at the main page has started a devilishly clever and insightful side blog about the perils of green advertising. He exposes and lampoons a lot of companies and their attempts at “green washing” (that is saying they are green while not doing anything to be green). Keith is great, you should for sure check his stuff out, and he is also becoming very good with photoshop.

world bank

Nice guy Robert Zoellick. Hand-picked by George Bush in 2007 to ensure the interests of the USA remain paramount in the policies of one of the world’s largest money lenders, his replacement of the shamed Paul Wolfowitz was really a like-for-like swap, so it’s no surprise that the World Bank is in the news again as arch hypocrites.


Greenspree has been hard at work building his amazing straw bale home in Canada. He has recently been updating the site with some fantastic pictures of the work as it progresses. I admire him a lot for his hard work and want to congratulate him on being an all around green guy.

Leave the gun take the canoli

Julia is doing amazing work in New York, and you should check out her amazing stories of helping those that need it most. Her stories are always uplifting, without holding back any of the true nature of the work. For a complex but positive view of philanthropy I would give her blog a look.

January is a cold, cruel month. The philanthropic spirit of the holidays vaporises around the time that Christmas trees become mulch. The midnight oil burns in board rooms of non-profits as exec’s brainstorm ways to find donors and fill seats at their spring fundraisers. This is the month when the dilettantes sleep in on Saturdays, leaving preeminent volunteers from Caring Community and New York Cares to brave the weather and visit the shut-ins of Manhattan.

This week my NYCares crew and a dozen members from Kingston Church in Michigan joined my fantastic five, Lauren and Marciano Estigarriba, Tom Vilar, Ginger (Wild Hearts) and Joel Mejia (Things Are Changing), as they helped alleviate hunger and loneliness in Greenwich Village.

If you ever get the blogging bug, or perhaps want a site for your organization and don’t want to have to pay for it, go sign up for a site on MySietch. You wont be sorry

How To Build Your Own Straw Bale Home

Greenspree our intrepid Canadian has been busy building his own super awesome straw bale home. He has the framing done, the stucco, the bales, and now pictures!

greenspree straw bale home

straw bale home

straw bale home

straw bale home

For more wonderful pictures, check out Greenspree’s MySietch page, or his other home

The most amazing thing about this whole project is the fact that Greenspree is doing it with the help of his friends and family, and using local and sustainable materials. I wish him the best of luck, the Canadian winter is coming fast so he had better hurry! Have any of you built your own green home? If so please leave a comment or contact us, we would love to highlight your green home on The Sietch. If you are jealous of Greenspree’s MySietch page, don’t be. You can get your own free blog here.

Checking In With Greenspree


It has been a while since we last checked in with one of our best MySietch bloggers Greenspree. He has been hard at work building his very own (and very cool) straw bale home. Here are a couple of his latest exploits.

The slab is done.

As of Tuesday, we have our septic system and well installed, temporary power installed and foundation formed/poured c/w air circulation ducts and coloured hardener.

Some communication and weather issues have left us about a week or two behind, but we are hoping that won’t affect the straw bale raising date. The weekend I was to start forming the slab on grade, I went paintballing with my wife’s younger brother and severely sprained my ankle. The ER doctors the next day suspected a torn ligement or ruptured tendon and it was nearly a full two weeks before I could walk again or spend any time on my feet.

Fortunately my wife and father-in-law were able to pick up my slack and I spent as much time doing stationary prep work in the shop cutting stakes and what not. They did all the hard work of driving stakes in and levelling and installing the form lumber. I spent time cutting the ICF’s to work as edge forms, precutting and drilling the cast in sill plates and bending the corner rebar pieces.

Ouch! Read the rest here

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Checking In With Red State Green

Red State Green on her MySietch blog has been writing some amazing stuff lately, I thought I would take the time to highlight a couple of the ones I really liked. Click on the links to read the whole article.

Why do this

A great list of reasons to help out the planet, your fellow human, and yourself. I liked this one,

I like the idea of being self-sufficient. I think that this is an American value, and something worth pursuing for my family. Not that I don’t ever need anyone, but when my home is in order there will be that much more I can do to help others if need be.

Picture day

Wow can she garden, check out these great pictures.


Eat local

Some very useful tools for eating more local I liked this,

You can meet the farmer or visit the farm and see how your food is being produced. This is a fun field trip if you have kids, or if you’re a kid at heart.

Sparking the interest

A passionate essay about the need for conservation.

The learning curve

We can’t all start off as master gardeners, some tips and hard earned knowledge for producing your own food, even in the winter.

Do you want to start your own blog and let the world know what kinds of things interest you, or perhaps share some tips towards a greener future, sign up today, its free and fun.

Gardens Feed More Than Just Your Stomach

RedStateGreen has a really nice post up about gardening.

I went out last night and found a cicada sitting on a trellis post in among my tomato plants. I wish I would have been able to take a picture of it. The sun had set, and the sky was blue and pink and orange, and the moon was out. The toads and cicadas sang, and the breeze was cool.

Gardens feed more than just your stomach. I think if more people had gardens this country would be a happier place to live.

Read the rest here.