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Don’t be Different or They Will Kill You

So what if you could be chased down and killed just because you didn’t look like everyone else? Well that is exactly what happened to Jean Charles de Menezes. He was using the tube in London, was chased down by plain cloths cops, held down and shot five times in the back. What is the reason for this brutality? Was he about to kill someone, no. Was he about to blow something up, no. Was he doing anything wrong at all, no. He was tackled, held down and executed like a dog, because he “looked like a terrorist”. Honestly I expected better from the British. My stomach drops and I feel sick when I read about this. Continue reading Don’t be Different or They Will Kill You

Live 8 versus VH1

So last weekend I watched the rerun of the Live 8 concert on VH1. I’ve been reading quite a bit about the ONE Campaign lately, particularly regarding the ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS, and I have to say that most of this movement makes me smile. It’s great to bring attention to important global issues, even if it takes a couple dozen celebrities to do it. However, the snide pessimist part of me won’t shut up about a couple of things.. Continue reading Live 8 versus VH1

Sing a Sad Song for Karl Rove

It must be hard for poor Karl Rove to keep all the dirty little lies he tells separate. You would think that after a while they would all run together into one big lie. Who knows what he tells himself to be able to sleep at night. But it seems lately as if his empire of fibs is about to come crashing down. Bad things about the Bush administration are leaking out left and right. With the republicans in congress voting against his social security bill, and democrats blocking Bolton’s nomination for U.N. ambassador, old Rovey poo must be having a fit.