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So You Want To Be A Stupid Fuck

For all of you out there that think you can get away with being a bigoted hate monger in secret, think again. Everyone has the right to get married. Not just straight people. If these people are so hot to trot about “family values” then why do they not support more people creating families? Could it be they think we live in a country that is run by the bible and not the consitution? Or, sadly, perhaps that is what they are working on creating.

Post Hurricane Dolphin Rescue

So I remember seeing these stories about rescuing captive dolphins after katrina, and i thought to myself “what a lot of effort to save some dolphins when there are thousands of people dieing from thirst and hunger” but then i read this story about how the navy had lost some of their own “weaponized dolphins” and were keen to make sure that the ones being rescued by the scientists were not them. They should be careful animals dont really like to be used for our war efforts, just look at what happened with russian anti-tank dogs. Looks as if we are the only animal stupid enough to invent war…

We All Knew This Was Going To Happen

so it seems that the new pope is getting down to work. after a tuff day of fighting poverty, baptising the pagens, trying to get everyone to “just get along” what does old popey do for fun…thats right draft secret documents explaining his pogrom to get rid of “the gays”. “what would jesus do?” would he preach love and compasion for everyone, would he say judge not lest ye be judged, love thy neighbor, would he perhaps say live and let live, nay my friends he would say “get them fucking queers out of the church“. or some such bullshit. good to know religions are fighting for the world to get along. not, you know, preaching hatred or anything.