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More Reasons To Worry (ice cap shrinks by one third over ten years)

So when you read things about global warming, you cant help but despair. The world is getting ready to just fuck our shit up, and no one at the top is doing anything important about it…this made me dread.

It also appears that the change is becoming self sustaining, with the increased open water absorbing solar energy that would be reflected back into space by bright white ice, said Ted A. Scambos, a scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo., which compiled the data along with NASA.

“Feedbacks in the system are starting to take hold,” Dr. Scambos said. “The consecutive record-low extents make it pretty certain a long-term decline is underway.”

So it seems that its really breaking off,

The difference between the average ice area and the area that persisted this summer was about 500,000 square miles, or twice the size of Texas, the scientists said.

well thats nice,.

How Fucked Are We? (Iran to turn off oil if we dont give them nukes)

So iran, the number four producer of oil in the world, seems to have gotten it in its mind to make some nukes. We got them, india and pakistan’s got em, hell a whole bunch of crazy ass countries have got em…but Iran cant get em. Cause the good ole US of A says “aint no bad shit crazy arabs gonna get no nukes” So at the behest of the USA, France, Great Britain, and others, the UN might send Iran to the UN for a spanking…but i mean what are we gonna do, they got all our oil.

But several European diplomats, in interviews Monday, said they were dubious at best about that idea. Most of their countries buy oil from Iran, and economic sanctions that might lead to a boycott of Iranian oil would drive record-high oil prices even higher – as Iran has pointedly noted.

One senior European diplomat said he thought it unlikely that Europe would embrace the idea of trade sanctions.

“If you look at North Korea, it’s a very poor country, and trade sanctions have not been effective,” he said. “How would Iran, a much more rich country, be coerced by trade sanctions?”

Besides, he added, oil “is a commodity that you cannot easily keep from markets.”

He and other diplomats insisted that they could not be identified by name under the rules of their foreign ministries

i guess we cant do anything, i mean, even if they nuke Isreal, India, France, or other close countries, they still got all our oil. Too bad we had a big expensive hurricane, or we could just go make something up and go invade them…