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A Cure For Breast Cancer?

This article was very positive. I truly think that if america had its money in the right spot, spending billions on medical research instead of war, we would be hearing more stories like this.

“This observation suggests a dramatic and perhaps permanent perturbation of the natural history of the disease, maybe even a cure,” Dr. Hortobagyi wrote. “Longer follow-up will determine whether this interpretation is correct.”

Wilma Lowest Pressure On Record

With winds of 175 mph and the lowest pressure on record, wilma is a fucking beast. Lets just hope she calms down some before hitting land…but it doesnt look good.

“That is the lowest pressure reading ever recorded in the Atlantic and it is coming from Wilma in the Caribbean,” Mowry said. “The real scary aspect about this graphic is that three of the top six strongest hurricanes happened this year. The atmosphere is just so ripe for the development of these massive hurricanes this year.”

The ladies of 2005 have been harsh to us. Jeb Bush has this to say

Gov. Jeb Bush said Floridians must be thinking, “Why us? … It’s just something we’re going to have to live with and prepare for.”

WHY US! Global Warming is why us you fucking moron! This is not something we are going to have to live with, this is something we caused, this is our fault, and we can fix it. Stop driving your fucking SUV’s all over the place moron. Lets fix our coal fired power plants, and stop using oil for every damn thing in the world. Eat organic food, recycle, buy less shit, there are a million things we can do to help slow and reverse global warming, jeb you fucking moron, this is not something we should just live with. Plant some trees, stop removing so many fish out of the ocean, fix your septic system. There are litterly millions of things you can do to help stop global warming. But why should you, when our government has thrown up its hands and said basicaly “fuck it, we are going to lose” Well screw you government, I refuse to just give up and let climate change kill me and my friends. If you dont want to do anything about it, myself and all my friends will vote you out of office, we will get some people in office who will do something. Might I sugest Deval Patrick He supports the Cape Wind project, and you know doesnt have his head in his ass, like some other new england politicians.