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Katrina Destruction Pictures

A friend of a coworker sent her these pictures. They are really show the power of mother nature.

These are his own words

It has been a very interesting, and stressful at times, experience. I have had a chance to speak with some of the natives when I am out there working. It is very sad to see these folks in their communities that have been completely destroyed. It is also very eerie to be driving around in large tracts of neighborhoods that are completely uninhabited; it doesn’t seem like the US.

I am working with crews that are collecting “Orphan Containers” of hazardous materials and oil or that potentially contain those materials. The days are fairly long, very dusty, and can be very smelly at times – due to all the rotting debris etc.. We are working 7 days/week, which is a bit tiring as well.

I have felt overall good about our work and our mission, but I also have mixed feelings because of the system and priorities that got us into this situation. Additionally, I do feel like we are doing good work, but there is of course a lot of bureaucracy and politics.

download all the pictures as a pdf here
(click for full size)

Katrina Destruction high water line Katrina Damage Destroyed Shop Katrina Damage 9th Ward Katrina Damage 9th Ward Katrina Damage 9th Ward Katrina Damage i-10 lake Ponchatrain Katrina Damage Placquemines Parish Katrina Damage Jefferson Parish Katrina Damage Refrigerator collection area Katrina Damage Refrigerator collection area Katrina Damage Placquemines Parish
(the little red circle is a couple thousand tonne barge that has been thrown like a toy a hundred or so feet off the water, the little white things are refrigerators)

Paris Burning

For the seventh day in a row, teenagers have rioted in Paris. They are rioting because they have been on the edge of violence for a long time. Much like the LA riots, people who have been harassed and beaten down long enough will take any reason to riot. I do not think it is important as to what specific incident started a riot, the point is that if people are willing to burn down the area in which they live, there is something very wrong. Content people don’t riot when something horrible happens, they take to the street in peaceful protests, or handle it in the courts, or fire people, or elect new people into office. People with no hope, and no way to change anything, they burn shit down.
Paris Riots

Big Brother’s Secret System Of Prisons

The CIA has a secret system of prisons all over the world, called “black sites”. Great. I guess it’s par for the course. With corruption leading up to the highest levels of government, and people resigning left and right, and new charges falling from the sky like candy, its no surprise that this administration has allowed a secret prison system. It’s rather scary to realize that you can get put into one of these “black sites” and you will never been seen from or heard from again. The prisoners here have no names, no charges have been filed against them, and god knows if they are being tortured or not.
salt pit black site prison

after the abuse scandals at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison and at Guantanamo Bay, the CIA has not even acknowledged the existence of its black sites. To do so, say officials familiar with the program, could open the U.S. government to legal challenges, particularly in foreign courts, and increase the risk of political condemnation at home and abroad.

Gosh, you mean people don’t want a system of secret prisons and indefinite detainment? I cant think why. No shit people would challenge you in court if you admitted to BREAKING THE LAW.

Judge Removed From DeLay Case For Being A Democrat

This is crap, not only does this seem foolish, but what is going to happen now, can everyone now argue that if your judge is not the same political party as yourself that you can get a new one, can convicted criminals appeal for a new trial because the judge was a republican and they have voted democrat their whole life? What is sick is now they want to argue that they cant have the trial in Austin because among other things it’s “to democratic” what the fuck.

Democrats Schedule Spine Implant (closed session of congress to talk about pre-war intelligence)

I am so glad to see someone, anyone, starting this process going, Harry Reid got himself up and started a small fire that will hopefuly grow into a giant shit storm of problems for republicans.
Harry Ried
his statement is below.
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