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So it seems that because one cop was taking a piss (literally). An innocent man was shot 8 times. Jean Charles de Menezes was also NOT wearing a padded coat, and was NOT running from the cops when it happened. Good to know that my life is in the hands of people who will chase me down tackle me and shoot me in the back of the head 8 times just because they failed to turn on the surveillance camera because they were taking a piss at the time. Continue reading Vindication


So it seems Menezes was shot seven times in the head and one in the shoulder. What in the hell is wrong with people and why are the police who did this not in jail for murder, or at the very least forced to retire. I can’t even imagine why you would need to shoot anyone in the head more than one time to kill them. The idea that he was held down and shot seven times simply makes me sick.

Don’t be Different or They Will Kill You

So what if you could be chased down and killed just because you didn’t look like everyone else? Well that is exactly what happened to Jean Charles de Menezes. He was using the tube in London, was chased down by plain cloths cops, held down and shot five times in the back. What is the reason for this brutality? Was he about to kill someone, no. Was he about to blow something up, no. Was he doing anything wrong at all, no. He was tackled, held down and executed like a dog, because he “looked like a terrorist”. Honestly I expected better from the British. My stomach drops and I feel sick when I read about this. Continue reading Don’t be Different or They Will Kill You