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FDA Now A Faith Based Agency

So it looks like the FDA (the Faith Decides All administration formerly the Food And Drug administration) decided months before the actual hearing that the over the counter status of the morning after pill wouldn’t be approved. Basically making the decision without looking at any facts. Its good to know that crazy right wing religious nuts now choose what drugs are good, and you know, not science or something silly like that. When are we going to go back to using leeches to remove the “bad spirits” from people. Perhaps teenage women who want the morning after pill are really witches and we should start burning them at the stake. Do you see where I am going with this. With the fight against teaching evolution, and the highest members of our government controlled by superstitious morons, we could so easily go back to the bad old days when faith and not science decided things.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Welcome to tropical depression 27 soon to be tropical storm GAMMA!! With late November tornados ripping up the Midwest, and 24(!!!) named storms, so far, I would say its fare to assume that global warming is at least helping to fuel all this mania. It may not be the cause of any of it, and I understand the Atlantic cycle blah blah blah, the fact is warm air and warm water fuel these events, you also have to consider that (relatively) warmer air in winter will lead to more snow, as warm air can hold more moisture, so look for a lot of blizzards and snow storms this year. Combine rising heating costs with lots of snow = lots of dead people. Or at the least a lot of hungry/cold people depending on what is more important to that family.

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