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Are You Ready For H5N1

I know i am not. The worst part is, that was not written by some crazy person. That was a level headed, very real and honest answer to what you should be doing. and the fact that NO ONE is doing it is going to make this outbreak all the worse. I am seriously considering just getting a bag of rice, and a case of water. Thats all i really need. I could live several weeks on rice and water. But i mean what are old/young/ignorant people going to do. In case you cant guess they are going to freak the fuck out. With all the other problems we have right now, it would just be sort of fitting to have a big flu outbreak. maybe nature is sick of us, and is doing its best to shake us off the surface of the earth. sigh. There isnt much we can do about a flu pandemic, but the linked article does give you a lot of really good tips.

And God Said No Take Backs (bush now claims god doesnt tell him what to do)

So a while ago i posted that god was being a little rascel and making bush do stuff. Now it seems that he is saying that he was telling a little white lie about the whole god thing. Of cource there is this.

Download This (wmv)

I am most shaken by the part when he talks about how god will accept the dead soldiers into heaven, i am sure the people sitting behind him want to hear about how they are going to die for gods little war(who you might notice look like the “its a small world” ride bush’s handlers are very sneaky)…. seems we would be better off without all this mess.

Are The End Times Upon Us?

Maybe. What will you do when the shit hits the fan? i was thinking of becoming a mutant hunter. no one likes them dirty muties anyway. or perhaps a shaman. that would be cool. of cource the only reason i make light of this is because if i dont try and keep a sence of humor i will be forced to cry all day and all night.

The Balls On This Guy

AN INGENIOUS fraudster is believed to be sunning himself on a beach after persuading leading banks to pay him more than €5 million (£3.5 million) in the belief that he was a secret service agent engaged in the fight against terrorist money-laundering.

The man, described by detectives as the greatest conman they had encountered, convinced one bank manager to leave him €358,000 in the lavatories of a Parisian bar. “This man is going to become a hero if he isn’t caught quickly,” an officer said. “The case is exceptional, perfectly unbelievable and surreal.”

The fraudster, named as Gilbert C, slipped through the net when his wife and mother-in-law were arrested. He promptly telephoned the Paris detective squad to say that he would halt his operations in France while he spent some of his illicit gains. The call was traced to an Israeli resort.