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Holy Freaking Crap! (part 2)

So a while ago I pointed out that at one time there was three hurricanes tooling around the atlantic. Now there are two hurricanes in the pacific Jova and Kenneth. Both of which could hit Hawaii. And now this report comes out. Showing a link between global warming and stronger storms. I mean who would have guessed that warmer water = stronger storms. And lets not forget tropical storm Ophelia is just about to hit my house. If both of the pacific hurricanes hit Hawaii, and all the damage from ophelia and katrina, and god knows how many more storms before the end of the year take its toll, this country is going to see some serious economic slow down. It might get so bad, brace yourself, we might have to limit ourselves to just one war at a time! GASP! Thats right if we get too many storms we might not be able to afford invading Syria and Iran…Its time like this that we must tighten our belt.

The No Bid Contracts for Gulf War Three

Bechtel and Halliburton have been getting huge No-bid contracts to rebuild the gulf coast. Its “gulf war” three. I guess if you are connected to the president (Dick Cheney) you get billions of dollars every time the government fucks up real bad. These companies got no-bid contracts for both iraq wars. I guess when hurricane Ophelia gets done with the east coast dicks old company will get another couple billion in no-bid governement money. Why is it that we dont let local companies get some of this government money. Instead we get rid of prevailing wage laws and give all the cash to large shady companies that are not going to put any of that money back into the local economy.