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Renewable Energy Roundup

The roundup, its only been a couple weeks since I started this thursday tradition and already I am going “off format” to bring you something a little different this week.

Its no secret that the renewable energy marketplace is going nuts. With wind and solar energy taking off like a rocket, very sizable rumblings that the biofuel market may be about to explode, and lots of exciting things popping up in geothermal, wave, and tidal technology its no wonder that people are starting to talk about renewable energy.

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Super Efficient Washer

green washing machine It washes your cloths sure, but check out what else it does. The AQUA Washing Machine, has been launched in Japan and uses a device called Aqualoop which recycles water for use in further washes, aiming to conserve around 50 litres of water.

It also has a facility called Air Wash, which enables owners to clean items of clothing that would usually require dry cleaning or those that cannot be conventionally washed in water. Air Wash infuses the clothes with odor and bacteria-killing chemicals, which could be of use if items smell of pets or smoke. The machine has been designed with the consumer in mind, as it has a higher-placed drum allowing it to be filled while the owner is standing up.

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Really Green Buildings

green wallsEarlier this month we talked about a japanese company making green roofs, well now you can have the roof and the walls. Patric Blanc has mastered the art of creating green walls. His hanging garden walls are simply amazing, check out his website here (warning all flash). I am not sure how environmentally friendly these things are however as you would have to water them often, but if you lived in a suitable wet climate I would guess not that often. I see this more as an interesting way to integrate more plant life into our every day life.

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Rent A Solar System

rent your own solar system

has come up with a great plan. There REnU energy plan allows you to rent your own solar energy system from them. You don’t own the system, but rather rent it from them. This moves the upfront cost of the system on to them, and then you enter into a 1 5 or 25 year contract with them for a fixed energy price. The benefits of owning a solar system without the upfront cost.

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Flywheel Storage Technology

beacon power flywheelThe California Energy Commission today announced that an innovative flywheel energy technology to enhance California’s electricity grid is now one step closer to commercialization. The Smart Energy Matrix system, developed by Beacon Power’s, is a 100-kilowatt scale-power flywheel energy storage system and a prototype for Beacon’s planned 20-megawatt-level commercial system.

Check out a flash animation of how this technology would be used to regulate the grid. This regulation feature could also be used to do the same for variable output renewable technologies like wind or solar. See a very good video of how these techs would work with renewable energy and how the energy market works here.

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