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Turning The Mighty Grey Mill

Even an old mill can start turning

You know when you get the feeling that something really huge is just lying under the ground waiting to happen, but it never quite does? Well, there is a movement called the Great Turning, who’s most famous proponent is Joanna Macey, a scholar of Bhuddism, and a believer in the power of social movements to create change. The Great Turning, or Time Of The Turning, is based on the belief that the gradual build up of discontent and opposition amongst a general population can lead to a fundamental “turning” of the way in which the world is run. That is the simple explanation, anyway.

I am no sociologist, but I do have a bit of a maven streak in me, that means that I sense when things are happening for no apparent reason – somehow all of the available information comes together to form a conclusion. I had the feeling that something really huge was lying under the ground waiting to happen, and I wanted to make sure it did. It was this :

There are 37 million people in the United States over the age of 65; in Canada there are 4 million; in the UK, 9 million; in France, 10 million; and so on. These are people who are likely to have children and most notably, grandchildren. These are people who have seen the world change over a long period of time – in some ways for the better, in some ways, for the worse. These are people who heard of The Silent Spring the first time around, and have had the time to notice that the summers are getting gradually drier, the winters warmer, and the weather more unpredictable.

These are people that are likely to be concerned about the environment – yet in any one protest, direct action or major environmental action seem to be conspicuous by their absence. Why is environmental action such a young person’s game?

The answer lies in time. Young people are usually in touch with the zietgeist – in fact, they are the zietgeist – but more importantly, they have fewer commitments and responsibilities than those people who have children and have full time jobs. But what of the millions of concerned people who have retired, whose chicks have flown the nest, and now have the time to focus on other things?

There is a huge untapped potential in the millions of Green Seniors out there, and that is what I want to tap – for the good of the planet. So please, if you have a web site, if you can spread the word, or know other people who can spread the word, let other people know about This may just be the thing that turns the planet around.

Keith Farnish
And Proud Member Of The Sietch

P.S. Thanks Naib, for giving me the space to say this.

Green Seniors Is Launched

senior citizensOur man Keith has done it once again! He is now working on getting a site together to help senior citizens get involved with helping the planet. Way to go Keith! Every should check it out.

Green Seniors is based on the belief that there are thousands of people in the world who care about the natural environment, have some time to spare, and want to do something to try and fix the problems that we have created.

We know that global warming is real; it has been made far worse by greenhouse gases building up in Earth’s atmosphere; and the burning of fossil fuels, the loss of our forests and many other human activities are causing this.

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Green Pricing Drives Interest, Not Sales

Editor’s note: Visit for the most recent daily news affecting North America’s wind industry. NAW’s new Web site features printable and e-mailable daily news links and a searchable archive of wind news.

By Jennifer Delony

wind farmShelton Group, a Knoxville, Tenn.-based communications agency, recently released the results of its Energy Pulse 2006 survey, which investigates energy consumption habits and attitudes of U.S. consumers.

While consumer responses to the Energy Pulse survey indicated Americans experienced an increase in energy costs of between 10% and 50% last year, results show that consumers remain willing to pay a premium for green power. However, that willingness has not translated into significant program participation rates for the country’s green pricing programs. According to the survey, 44% of Americans say they would participate in a green pricing program, but only 4% are enrolled in one.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) report “Trends in Utility Green Pricing Programs,” released October 2006, more than 600 utilities – representing 20% of all U.S. utilities – offered a green power option to customers in 2005. Of the more than 130 utility green pricing programs tracked by the DOE’s Green Power Network, approximately 100 offer power generated by wind.

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8 Year Study On Danish Wind Farms Released

horns rev wind farmThe Danish Energy and Environment agency has completed an eight year study on two large offshore wind farms, Horns Rev and Nysted. The 144 page report details the impacts on the surrounding ecosystem including fish, birds, sea mammals, and seabed species. The final results were released at the Danish Monitoring Programme conference in Denmark.

The overwhelmingly postive finding confirms that both Horns Rev and Nysted farms will be given the go ahead to double in size in the coming years. The report was prepared by the Danish Energy Authority, Danish Forest and Nature Agency, Dong Energy and Vattenfall (owners of both wind farms), with commentary from the International Advisory Panel of Experts on Marine Ecology. All of whom gave the report a positive evaluation.

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World Energy Outlook 2006 Released

world marketed energy consumption 1988 2030The 2006 World Energy Outlook has been released. Put together by the people at the International Energy Agency, the WEO attempts to project the future energy needs, based on todays energy poduction and future trends.

The 2006 report is a mix of optimizim and warning. “World political leaders have decided to act with resolution and urgency to change the energy future. The World Energy Outlook 2006 shows how to make that happen”, said Claude Mandil, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The report differes significantly from last year, but still project hope for the near future. The IEO2006 projections indicates continued growth in world energy use, despite world oil prices that are 35 percent higher in 2025 than projected in last year’s outlook. Energy resources are thought to be adequate to support the growth expected through 2030.

This hope for the future is strongly tied to the projected use of renewable energy. “[T]he energy future we are facing today, based on projections of current trends, is dirty, insecure and expensive. [The report] also shows how new government policies can create an alternative energy future which is clean, clever and competitive…”, Mr. Mandil emphasised.

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