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A year-end Perspective From Worldwatch President Chris Flavin

global warmingIf the world succeeds in avoiding ecological collapse, historians may one day look back on 2006 as the “tipping-point” moment.

Around the globe, the past year has produced a remarkable series of indicators that human societies are waking up to the precarious state of our world. If current trends are not reversed-and soon-we will hand the next generation not only a natural resource base on the verge of collapse, but a global economy on the edge of failure.

Even though 2006 was marked by its share of acute crises, led by the conflicts in Iraq and Darfur, the less acute but more profound crisis of global climate disruption reached the top rungs of public attention for the first time. Scientists warn we may soon cross a threshold of no
return as dying forests and warming tundra release additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, enabling climate change to feed on itself. In fact, some believe it could already be too late.

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Could The Plight Of Polar Bears Be The Tipping Point In The Global Warming Debate

polar bear tracksThe Bush Administration finally admitted yesterday that global warming is threatening the polar bear with extinction, the first time it has ever shown even an ounce of intelligence on the subject.

In a move that will have profound consequences not only for the polar bear but potentially for America’s polluting industries, the Administration declared last night that the polar bear should be added to its endangered species list because of the drastic melting of its habitat.

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Is Iran Running Out Of Oil?

map of IranIt seems Iran, the worlds fourth largest exporter of oil and holder of 10% of the current world proven reserves, may run dry in ten to fifteen years.

What this means for America could be just about anything. We could see Iran destabilize into a refuge for terrorists and chaos. We could see Iran trying to develop nuclear weapons to make money much like North Korea. Or we could see a great humanitarian crisis brought on by the sudden and drastic decrease in oil revenue. None of which are good for anyone. This is what happens when you are a one crop farmer and the farm has a bad year.

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Ministry Of Ignorance

Douglas Alexander

At present all Britain’s carbon dioxide emissions amount to 2% of the world’s global emissions. Aviation contributes 7.5% of all this country’s emissions – just 0.15% of the global total.

That’s a quotation from an op-ed piece by Douglas Alexander, the UK’s Minister for Transport, referring to the amount of carbon the UK’s aviation produces. Can’t be faulted really; it will grow, but then so will aviation worldwide…

for example, China is building 49 new airports and expanding another 71.

See, he knows his stuff. And he wants to walk the talk too…

That is why I recently called for the Chicago Convention, which regulates international aviation, to be reformed to meet these challenges.

And furthermore…

I believe a finer hour for Britain will be leading the international community in finding a global solution to a global

Great, Britain saves the world. Or does it?

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