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And all the kings whores’ and all the kings men…

So it’s all falling apart for Bushy. The head of FEMA forced to resign after everyone figures out “Oh yea!” he had no place being the head of FEMA in the first place! But to quote the president “Browny you’re doing a great job.” And now, god come down and pinch my buns so I know I am not dreaming, Bush has ADMITED HE WAS WRONG. Lets just pause and reflect on this. Crazy huh. Well I know it might be a bit premature but can we start betting on what he will get impeached on first? Do you think it will be war crimes? Perhaps starting a war under false pretenses. How about letting hundreds die because he appointed an idiot to head FEMA. How about allowing the environment to degrade to such an extent that millions perish as oceans rise, rivers dry up, and crops fail… I guess we will have to get him to sleep with someone that is not his wife, because that seems to be the only thing that gets you in trouble anymore.

A lot of money.

I wonder if the oil lobby gives 120 billion dollars to congress each year to keep them voteing against global warming preventive measures. I wonder how many dikes you could build with 120 billion dollars. I wonder how many people you could feed with 120 billion dollars. I wonder if you could cure AIDS with 120 billion dollars. I wonder how many solar panels could be installed for 120 billion dollars. I wonder how many superfund sites could be cleaned up for 120 billion dollars. I wonder how many schools you could build with 120 billion dollars. ..because that is how much katrina might cost.

Why are people so stupid?

Shame on you Arnold, what the hell is the matter with you. Why is it that politicians feel its fun to deny rights to people they themselves enjoy. History will remember you as bad people. You will go down with the south in the civil war, and the KKK, and all the other racisits, bigots, and horrible people. If you want your legacy to be one of hate, keep it up. If not, I sugest pulling that big ass stick out of your ass and start acting like a decent human.