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Just So You Know

Not to let you in on the more boring details around The Sietch, but i am updating the oldest parts of the site (the clean power section) which was built long before the rest of the site was, and well its ugly. so yes you will notice that it will slowly become nice looking over the next few days. its just too late at night right now for me to finish it all. if you find any dead links let me know. thanks.

Whos Next (a lot of bush people are leaving office)

Its time to play my favorite game, which bush cronie is getting fired/quiting/forced to resign.

Lets start Tom Delay…this guy had it comming. This guy is so evil, i was in texas durring the redistricting debacle, he actualy got the department of home land security to try and arrest the democrats of texas so he could do what he wanted with the district lines of texas so the republicans could take over more seats in the house.

Then we have FDA chief Lester Crawford this is the guy who used his own opinion to block the morning after pill. Claiming all sorts of crazy stuff about abortion and basicly using the bible to decide what is good for people, not science.

And good old political insider Jack Abramoff who just keeps getting more and more people in trouble. He sold himself as a political source. give him enough money and he would get the white house to do what you wanted. i guess it worked fora while. along with this guy we got Michael Scanlon and David Safavian.

and now the leader of the senate Bill Frist is soon to be in deep shit.

ohh! and Michael Brown, you know the guy that fucked up FEMA really badly. Yea i think we all know how that went.

and lets not forget mother fucker Karl Rove dont even get me started on this waste of air.

For an overview of this whole crazy mess, see here, and here.