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.9999. . .

So, I hear that the question as to whether .999 . . . (repeating) is equal to one is a commonly discussed online question. Although this is apparently most typical among the online gamers. I was wondering whether there are any other math dorks out there who have an opinion on the matter. I know that I solved it in one of my math classes, and just need to hunt up the proof, so in the meantime, any comments, questions or thoughts?

We Are The Laughing Stock Of The World

Why do we do things like this, why is it that Kansas and other states just cant get over the fact that you cant teach religion in science class. Why does Kansas feel the need to inject religious faith into the classroom? Why stop at the Christian faith, why not throw in every religion in the world. Hell lets toss in one i just made up, here is how it goes. The great lord Kudu, ruler of the universe, stopped in our solar system 40000 years ago, and took a giant galactic shit, this shit hardened into what we now call the earth. Lets teach that in science class. You think its rather foolish? Well we have just as much proof for that little theory as we do for any other religions ideas. Bah.

Dumb Kansas