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The People In Charge Of Our Nation Are Morons

So try to imagine for a second that you are George W. Bush. You are a moron…in the last couple weeks you have fucked up, fucked up bad. You showed the nation that you dont care about anything but making war, and vacation. You lack of concern about global warming, poverty, and how the two cause terrorism has led you to have the lowest approval numbers of your time as president. Now you let FEMA propose the creation of the worlds largest ghetto.

Soon after the hurricane struck, FEMA officials said they ordered 125,000 mobile homes and travel trailers in a rush, and manufacturers starting shipping off those they had already made.

That’s right, bush wants to gather some 125 thousand trailers and put them together. As a person from the Midwest i can tell you nothing attracts tornados better than a bunch of trailers. But aside from the shoddy living conditions, imagine what kind of effect this will have. With almost a million poor people in one spot you are going to have one of the largest collection of poverty in America. With no property taxes, you will get bad schools, with no city services, no sewer, no police, no fire, you will have people dieing. What the fuck is the matter with people, don’t take people who have lost everything and combine them all together so they can amplify their misery. Is this a plan by the government to move the poor out so that they can more easily use imminent domain laws to steal the poor’s land and rebuild the city better for the rich? Who knows? But it stinks. It took days for FEMA to get to New Orleans but they were ordering these trailers the day after the storm struck? Fishy, you bet. It is my firm opinion that George Bush will go down in history as one of THE WORST president in our entire history. The man infuriates me, his government so lately he is channeling FDR and Lyndon Johnson, because it makes good sound bytes. What the fuck, for the last 25 years (my entire life) we have been dominated by right wing politics. Stand up people, take the wool off your eyes, these problems facing the poor of our nation are not old problems. Slavery did not cause these problems; these problems are caused by things that are happening every single day in modern 2005 America. You and I have idly stood by while our country is being run down the shit hole by a pack of money hungry assholes. STAND UP, FIGHT BACK, we have to get so angry, so active, so mobilized, that we change the whole world. We need to vote, to boycott, vote with our dollars, make choices that will change the world.

George Bush Dont Care About Black People (lyrics)

So I have had some people ask me about the lyrics, and I think they make their point without the music, so here they are. I have not edited them at all, but I was unable to understand two parts of one line. If anyone knows what they are please tell me.

George bush doesn’t care about black people

I aint saying he a gold digger
But he aint messing with no broke niggers (x2)

George don’t like black people (x 4)

Hurricane came through
Fucked us up round here
Government actin like its bad luck down here
All I know is that you better bring some trucks round here
Wonder why I got my middle finger up round here
Peoples lives on the line
You declining to help
Since you taking so much time
We surviving our self
Just me and my (something) and my kids and my (something)
In my own house looking for a way out

Five days in this motherfucking attic
I can’t use the cell phone I keep getting static
Dying ’cause they lying instead of telling us the truth
Other day they helicopters got my neighbors off the roof
Screwed ’cause they say they’re coming back for us, too
but that was three days ago and I don’t see no rescue
See a mans got to do, what a mans got to do
Since Gods made the path and I’m trying to walk through

Swam to the store, tryin’ to look for food
Corner store’s kinda flooded so I broke my way through
Got what I could but before I got through
News say the police shot a black man trying to loot
George don’t like black people (x 4)
I aint saying he a gold digger
But he aint lookin for no broke niggers (x2)
George don’t like black people (x 4)
Five damn days, five long days
And at the end of the fifth he walkin like “hey!”
Chillin on his vacation sitting patiently
Them black folks got to hope got to wait and see
To see if FEMA really comes through in an emergency
But nobody seems to have a sense of urgency
Now the mayors been reduced to crime
I guess bush said niggers been used to dieing
He said “I know it looks bad, just have to wait”
Forgetin folks to broke to evacuate
Niggers starving and they dieing of thirst
Bet he had to go and check on the refineries first
Making a killing off the price of gas
He would have been up in Connecticut twice as fast
After all that we been through nuttin changed!
You can call red cross but the fact remains that…

George Bush aint a gold digger
But he aint fucking with no broke niggers (X2)

Come down Bush, come on, come down. (X4)

George bush aint a gold digger

George Bush Don’t like black people (X3)

Come down Bush, come on, come down. (X4)

you can still download it here.

Holy Freaking Crap! (Part 3)

So in our continuing coverage of how we are getting bent over by nature this year (helped out by our own foolishness). Currently as of this post there are these named storms in the atlantic and pacific. Hurricane Philippe in the atlantic, Tropical storm Jova in the pacific, Tropical storm Rita in the atlantic, Hurricane Kenneth in the pacific, Tropical depresion Lidia in the pacific, and tropical storm Max in the pacific, and just for fun there are a bunch of possible new tropical storms brewing in both the atlantic and the pacific. But dont worry after your house is demolished you can sell it for a shit load of money. The worst is that tropical storm (soon to be hurricane) Rita looks like it could get into the gulf, the warm waters of the gulf are like sweet sweet mothers milk to tropical storms, I shudder to think what will happen if another catagory 4 hurricane smashes into the the gulf coast again. Can you say 5 dollar a gallon gas?