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A Sign Of Progress?

So it seems people dont want to buy a huge ass expensive car that gets less than 20 mpg…i dont know why. could it be the comming end of cheap oil. could it be that people are worried about polution? what about the health effects of driving gas guzzlers? could it be that people only pay attention to money, i am going with the money thing.

General Motors Corp. reported a 24 percent drop in sales overall. Its truck and SUV sales plunged 30percent while its car sales fell 14 percent. For the first nine months of the year, GM’s overall sales were flat.

whatever the reason i am glad that the SUV fad is smothering under the weight of its own stupidity.

Harriet Miers Stealth Women Named To Supreme Court

So a women who we have heard little to nothing of, basicly he put this woman in charge of finding a supreme court judge, and low and behold she picked herself (remeber when dick did the same thing with himself)…i guess cronyism rules the day once again. bush picked this woman basicly because of her connections to himself. Once again its who you know, not what you do. If she gets appointed, lets hope she does a better job in the court than browny did with FEMA.