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Italy Punks Out On Bush

Bush’s coalition of the forced willing are trying to distance themselves from a failed war, based on crazy assumptions and lies. The latest contendor for “who can distance themselves from bush before they get voted out of office” or as i like to call it WCDTFBBTGVOOO pronouced “wecktfebtvoo” is Italy’s Berlusconi.
Berlusconi and bush

“I have never been convinced war was the best way to succeed in making a country democratic and extract it from [a] … bloody dictatorship,” [Berlusconi] says. “I tried on several occasions to convince the American president not to wage war.”

It seems that Italy wants to get the troops home, and have this whole mess be over with. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the italian people are fed up with berlusconi and that he may face charges related to bad goings on with his media empire. I guess bush is like the dead albatros no one wants around their neck…

I Smell A Rat

So bush has chosen another old white man for the supreme court. Judge Sam Alito, anti-abortion, and old white guy. Gah, what the fuck, is the crazy right wing of the right wing now running this nation? Why is it that if you dont make some crazy religious people happy can you not do anything in america right now. bah…i smell a filibuster.

“The President has chosen a man to replace Sandra Day O’Connor,” Reid said. “For the third time, he has declined to make history by nominating the first Hispanic to the court….President Bush would leave the Supreme Court looking less like America and more like an old boys club.”

Judge Sam Alito

Merry Fitzmas!

Scooter is going DOWN, Rove being the slippery turd that he is seems to have gotten away for now, but lets just hope that he gets it soon. Ahh the day of justification, i knew there was lots of lying going on at the head of our government. Now at least one of the fuckers is getting his. He could face 30 years in prison, so maybe the cheap little fuckhat will start tattling on others. Libbey getting his
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