Trump Watch February 20 2018

Day 380:

Gun Control Or Shut the Fuck Up!

I think Marc Ruffalo said it best “Prayers without accordant action are silent lies told to oneself, heard by no God, amounting to nothing.”

Gun control now, or shut the fuck up!

Further Reading:

In wake of Parkland massacre, police chiefs — again — call for assault-weapons ban

Trump visits his Florida golf course as families bury school shooting victims just miles away

Gun owner destroys rifle after Florida shooting: ‘Now there’s one less’

Anderson Cooper tears into Trump: He ‘went to play golf while they held funerals’

Gun Control Debate Heats Up As Student-Led Protests Continue In Wake Of Florida School Shooting

Trump went to disco party after meeting shooting survivors

Don’t blame ‘Washington.’ Blame the GOP.

U.S. Senator Doug Jones slams President Trump on linking Florida massacre with Russia probe

Manafort Under Scrutiny For $40 Million In “Suspicious” Transactions

Pennsylvania’s new congressional districts are gerrymander-free — and Republicans are angry

How much more humiliation can Melania Trump take?

If Trump has nothing to hide, why is he so soft on Russia?

Robert Mueller charges attorney with making false statements to special counsel’s office

Idaho senator shouts at students lobbying for birth control

Bannon sold Cambridge Analytica stake, fined for late ethics report

Mueller Charges Son-in-Law of Russian Oligarch

Clarence Thomas Sexually Harassed Me. Yes, He Should Be Impeached.

It’s time for America to embrace guaranteed income

Citizens United loses free speech appeal over New York donor rules

With His Assault on PBS and NPR, Trump Seeks to Eliminate Real News

Trump Offers Endorsement, Romney Caves Immediately

It took one Trump tweet for Mitt Romney to fall in line

Mueller Unveils New Charges in Russia Probe

‘Suck Up’ Mitt Romney Trolled For Flip-Flopping On Trump’s Endorsement

More Than Twice As Many Women Are Running For Congress In 2018 Compared To 2016

Trump Can’t Save Coal: More Capacity Closed Already in 2018 Than in Obama’s Entire First Term

‘Sloppy & careless’: courts call out Trump blitzkrieg on environmental rules – A cascade of courtroom standoffs are beginning to slow, & even reverse, the EPA rollbacks thanks to the administration’s ‘disregard for the law’

Making America Toxic Again – Scott Pruitt’s job is to protect the environment. Unfortunately, God has other plans for him.



Tools of change:

Feel like this is all a bunch of bullshit? Want to do something about it?

Calling your government representative:

Call your Senator
Call your House Rep (Or use this spreadsheet)
Call your Governor
Call your Attorney General
Or try this website
Fax Congress here (free!)

You can also use if you are having a hard time figuring out what to say.

Tell them in no uncertain terms that you want them to fight to stop Trump from doing these things. Tell them you will be watching them closely on how they vote, and will hold them accountable during the next election if they cave to Trump. You can also call other states congress people and threaten to donate to their opponent if they don’t do what you want.

Phone Bank for Progressive Candidates:

Call the White House:


Call the “White House”:

Use this website to call one of Trump’s many properties he has not put into a blind trust yet, and let them know how you feel (be polite, they are workers just like us, but be firm).

Do a little Slacktivism:

Send Some Text Messages for progressive causes (I know it says textforbernie, but its for a range of progressive candidates) Or you can have your texts turned into faxes by the ResistBot

Go to a town hall and talk to your congress person in person:

Check when the next town hall is here

Monitor your congressperson:

Keep track of how your senator is voting on cabinet picks here, so you can call them up and give them hell if they vote for any of these worthless fuckers.

See how your elected representatives are voting for or against Trump.


Also be sure to keep track if you live in a district with an upcoming flip-able seat (flip to the left that is)

See if you have a special election in your area!

Is your mayor up for election? Find out, get involved!

Upcoming house votes:

Upcoming senate bills:

Monitor Trumps Conflict of Interests:

From CNN of all people.

The Atlantic

General Guides:

Guidelines by former Congress staffers on how to get Congress to listen.

Run For Office!:

Want to run for office in your area to fight back, check this out for positions that are open in your area, how to register, and what you need to do to win office!

Remove the Corporate Democrats!:

Join the fight to clean out the democratic party: Justice Democrats!

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6 thoughts on “Trump Watch February 20 2018”

  1. But McConnell had little to say when the Trump administration said in late January that it would not impose Congress’s sanctions. Ryan, Corker and McConnell are leading GOP lights who have ceded their party’s moral center in service to protecting Trump. Until Trump came along, the party stood for cutting federal spending.

  2. the only 100% certain “mass shooting in Australia was the Milpeara bikie shoot-out in the early 1980s; all the rest have huge question marks hanging over them especially the highly contentious Port Arthur massacre in April 1996 in Tasmania which, basically, precipitated the dis-arming of Australia ; the 1987 Hoddle street massacre may have been genuine or it may not have been or they may have over-inflated the fatalities; its hard to say because there was no actual trial-by-jury to examine all the evidence; there was only a guilty plea; the Queen street and Strathfield massacres” may not have even occurred and there is evidence of involvement by police special branch/intelligence agencies; the Monash University shooting in 2002 is equally problematic; it may have occurred like they said but, then again, it may not have occurred; there was also involvement from some very shady “psychiatrists who had, also, been involved in cooking up and falsifying evidence in the Port Arthur massacre; see here to conclude: only the Milpeara bikie shoot-out passes “the sniff test because that was the only one which went through the entire gamut of the Australian legal process from committal hearing/arraignment to Coronial Inquest to Supreme Court of NSW trial to appeal(s) to the High Court of Australia; it is the only incident where all of the evidence was comprehensively and meticulously tested by rigorous X-examination on OATH subject to the full penalties for perjury

  3. Previously, I had no knowledge of this massacre that took place in France. It”s crazy to think that massacres of this caliber were planned by the Catholic communities. People of faith and who live by the Bible were able to murder a copious amount of innocent people. Not only was the massacre ordered by Catherine, her dedicated assassin, Maurevert and Catherine were both forgiven. Super interesting and very well put together, awesome job Maria!

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