Trump Watch January 24 2018

Day 354:

Oligarchs Are Not Looking Out For You

I read this article, and all I could think was.

The problem with all this is that Amazon has no interest in human prosperity, only profit.

They will eventually get a system that messes up so little that it wont matter, and then they can fire almost everyone and just have a purely robotic work force.

This would be fine if the government was taxing them heavily and using that money to provide a UBI or some other sort of social benefit.

But they wont, they will lobby the government to lower their taxes, and allow them to keep all their money. The end result being the division of those who own capital (in the form of robots) and those who don’t.

Those who don’t wont matter, and those who do will reign over all others.

Its a nasty brutal future that doesn’t have to exist, and is only perpetuated by greed. Amazon represents the worst of this drive, constantly optimizing for profit over human good.

Jeff Bezoz, Bill Gates, and Warren buffet, three people, are worth as much as 50% of Americans right now, and its only going to get worse.

Call up your senator and tell them you want to live in a future where robots do all the work, and everyone shares in the spoils. Not a world where a couple of all powerful oligarchs treat the rest of us like so much human garbage. We don’t have to allow this to happen to us, we can stop it now before it becomes unstoppable.

Ps. One easy thing you can do is not shop at this panopticon of a nightmare store.

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