Trump Watch December 7 2017

Day 312:

The Sick Dance Of The Media

Did anyone at CNN actually listen to the exchange ? It was sickening. They are smiling and cracking little jokes, and almost flirting while they casually discuss pedophilia, and the moral vacuum of modern politics…its like they are on drugs that deaden any sense of outrage they might have. Its obvious that Cuomo and Conway are playing a game to help confuse the masses.

A pox on both their houses.

A real new program wouldn’t have even had her on, she is paid to lie, everyone knows she is paid to lie, and there is no reason to have her on tv other than to make drama to get ratings to sell more ad’s.

CNN is a wasteland, Cuomo and Conway are mad max style barbarians, and the whole exchange was worst than worthless.

The truth is Roy Moore is the worst kind of person before you even start to talk about his raping of little girls. Trump supporting him only further proves that Trump is just as bad, Conway is the worst kind of shill that will take money and say absolutely anything on tv, and Cuomo is part of a machine designed to make people stupid, as evidenced by this entire exchange.

And while we are at it, fuck this website for repackaging this garbage and trying to get just a little bit of cash off reselling yesterdays cold shit sandwich….

Fuck everything about all of this.

Think like a Utopian, Fight like a Whirlwind!!

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