Trump Watch November 9 2017

Day 285:

We can’t stop till we win

They have the money, but we have the numbers. We can not lose if we don’t give up.

Further Reading:

Donald Trump to meet Vladimir Putin tomorrow as investigation into Russia’s US election interference intensifies

Canada decides the F-word is not taboo for radio listeners’ ears – Country’s broadcast watchdog rules that the word is now so commonplace that it is no longer as vulgar as it once was

TSA fails most tests in latest undercover operation at US airports

Republicans are Calling for a Jim Beam boycott because their spokesperson Mila Kunis announced that she donated to Planned Parenthood under Mike Pence’s name.

Trump environmental nominee doesn’t believe science should ‘dictate policy’ — Top Democrat accuses nominee of showing disdain for science. The nominee, Kathleen Hartnett White, argued that the role played by humans in the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is “very uncertain.”

A Year After Trump, Democrats, Socialists, and Populists Sweep Elections

Trump ally Robert Kraft revealed as longtime owner of offshore firm

Corker announces Senate hearing to examine Trump’s ‘authority to use nuclear weapons’

Carrier plans more layoffs at plant Trump vowed to save: report

Al Franken Just Gave the Speech Big Tech Has Been Dreading

Roy Moore was removed from 1990s divorce case after he barred lesbian from seeing her children unsupervised

Fox News overlooks alleged Nazi ties, hires former White House staffer Seb Gorka

‘You’re Not Supposed to Say This Out Loud’: GOP Lawmaker Admits Pushing Tax Scam to Please His Rich Donors

Putin’s Trolls Used the Texas Church Massacre to Sow More Chaos

Al Franken condemns big tech for failure ‘to prevent spread of propaganda’

‘Get It Done or Don’t Call Me Again’: GOP Admit Their Tax Plan Is All About Rich Donors

New Jersey’s Newly Elected Governor Wants to Legalize Pot

John McCain Rejected Trump Nominee Over Torture Backing

Alt-right snowflakes play victim, in hopes of mainstream sympathy

Equifax CEO: We may still block customers’ right to sue us

US Wars Have Cost The Average American Taxpayer $23,386 Since 9/11

Trump’s choice for No. 2 at EPA admitted he saw coal baron’s action plan to dismantle agency

17 STEM Politicians Won Elections Tuesday

Younger voters drove historic wins on election night

2,470 tweets and 0 major legislative achievements: A year of Trump in numbers

Flynn worries about son in special counsel probe

Prosecutors Seek Plea Deal With Manafort’s Former Son-in Law

Trump’s Commerce Secretary Owns Stake in Russian Companies While He Oversees Potential Sanctions



Tools of change:



Feel like this is all a bunch of bullshit?  Want to do something about it?

Calling your government representative:

Call your Senator
Call your House Rep (Or use this spreadsheet)
Call your Governor
Call your Attorney General
Or try this website
Fax Congress here (free!)

You can also use if you are having a hard time figuring out what to say.

Tell them in no uncertain terms that you want them to fight to stop Trump from doing these things. Tell them you will be watching them closely on how they vote, and will hold them accountable during the next election if they cave to Trump.  You can also call other states congress people and threaten to donate to their opponent if they don’t do what you want.

Phone Bank for Progressive Candidates:

Call the White House:


Call the “White House”:

Use this  website to call one of Trump’s many properties he has not put into a blind trust yet, and let them know how you feel (be polite, they are workers just like us, but be firm).

Do a little Slacktivism:

Send Some Text Messages for progressive causes (I know it says textforbernie, but its for a range of progressive candidates)  Or you can have your texts turned into faxes by the ResistBot

Go to a town hall and talk to your congress person in person:

Check when the next town hall is here

Monitor your congressperson:

Keep track of how your senator is voting on cabinet picks here, so you can call them up and give them hell if they vote for any of these worthless fuckers.

See how your elected representatives are voting for or against Trump.


Also be sure to keep track if you live in a district with an upcoming flip-able seat (flip to the left that is)

See if you have a special election in your area!

Is your mayor up for election?  Find out, get involved!

Upcoming house votes:

Upcoming senate bills:

Monitor Trumps Conflict of Interests:

From CNN of all people.

The Atlantic

General Guides:

Guidelines by former Congress staffers on how to get Congress to listen.

Run For Office!:

Want to run for office in your area to fight back, check this out for positions that are open in your area, how to register, and what you need to do to win office!

Remove the Corporate Democrats!:

Join the fight to clean out the democratic party:  Justice Democrats!

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