Trump Watch August 31 2017

Day 215:

Kamala Harris comes out for single payer…:

I say hold back a little, Kamala Harris has been cuddling up to all the big establishment donors, she has been getting a lot of attention from the same folks who backed Clinton, and Obama not so much from the people who backed Sanders.

While I think this is a big deal, it might not be that the establishment forces are moving to the left, it might be that they can read the poll numbers like the rest of us and see that this is a very popular issue.

I will wait and see. I don’t know what Harris is up to, other than obviously setting up a presidential run.

She could have (and should have) put Mnuchen in jail, and that big insurance/pharma money is nothing to sneeze at in the establishment democratic party.

I just find myself very cynical and suspicious these days. Probably because we have a bunch of oligarchs running the show and they are not above a little bread and circus action to keep us plebs in line.

Do your research, and vote carefully.

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