Trump Watch July 13 2017

Day 175:


This era will be remembered as the stupid era.  An era in which we had every single bit of data we needed, all the technology, giant once in a life time chances to do good….and we didn’t.

It will be remembered as a greedy, stupid time, in which money triumphed over logic, and capitalism ran wild destroying everything (including itself).

I still believe that we can come out of this better, having learned our lessons, with a clear goal to unite humanity around (global warming, and making everyone’s lives better on this planet).

That long journey starts with your vote, your donation, your march, your voice.

Fight, Love, Fight, Win!

Further Reading:

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State rebellion against Trump over climate change is different | leaders are acting on solid science and economics, while our federal government is basing its policies on shortsighted politics and benefits for the few.

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US intelligence detected Russian officials discussing meetings with Trump associates in 2015

Video shows Trump with associates tied to email controversy

MSNBC host Chris Hayes provides evidence that foul play is afoot in Donald Trump Jr email chain

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Donald Trump Jr. repeatedly dismissed and mocked claims of Russia connection in 2016

Putin critic: Russian lawyer wouldn’t have been in U.S. without Kremlin’s OK

Pence spokesman dodges Fox News questions about whether the VP met with Russians

Intel heard Russians discussing Trump, allies before he announced campaign

All roads now lead to Kushner.

Democrats want to know if Trump quashed a Russian money laundering case in return for dirt on Hillary Clinton

Articles of impeachment filed against Trump.

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Democrats demand answers from Jeff Sessions on settlement with Russian lawyer

GOP Senator: Intel Committee Knew In April That Kushner Met Russian Lawyer

Co-founder of firm behind dossier tying Trump to Russia testifying next week

87% of Americans Unaware There’s Scientific Consensus on Climate Change


Tools of change:

Feel like this is all a bunch of bullshit?  Want to do something about it?

Calling your government representative:

Call your Senator
Call your House Rep (Or use this spreadsheet)
Call your Governor
Call your Attorney General
Or try this website
Fax Congress here (free!)

You can also use if you are having a hard time figuring out what to say.

Tell them in no uncertain terms that you want them to fight to stop Trump from doing these things. Tell them you will be watching them closely on how they vote, and will hold them accountable during the next election if they cave to Trump.  You can also call other states congress people and threaten to donate to their opponent if they don’t do what you want.

Phone Bank for Progressive Candidates:

Call the White House:


Call the “White House”:

Use this  website to call one of Trump’s many properties he has not put into a blind trust yet, and let them know how you feel (be polite, they are workers just like us, but be firm).

Do a little Slacktivism:

Send Some Text Messages for progressive causes (I know it says textforbernie, but its for a range of progressive candidates)  Or you can have your texts turned into faxes by the ResistBot

Go to a town hall and talk to your congress person in person:

Check when the next town hall is here

Monitor your congressperson:

Keep track of how your senator is voting on cabinet picks here, so you can call them up and give them hell if they vote for any of these worthless fuckers.

See how your elected representatives are voting for or against Trump.


Also be sure to keep track if you live in a district with an upcoming flip-able seat (flip to the left that is)

See if you have a special election in your area!

Is your mayor up for election?  Find out, get involved!

Upcoming house votes:

Upcoming senate bills:

Monitor Trumps Conflict of Interests:

From CNN of all people.

The Atlantic

General Guides:

Guidelines by former Congress staffers on how to get Congress to listen.

Run For Office!:

Want to run for office in your area to fight back, check this out for positions that are open in your area, how to register, and what you need to do to win office!

Remove the Corporate Democrats!:

Join the fight to clean out the democratic party:  Justice Democrats!

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