Trump Watch May 17 2017

Day 118:

It’s not about you, its about the money:

Here is a the sad true fact that most American’s have not yet come to terms with.  I think this fact is counter intuitive, because our intuitions have been shaped by hundreds of years of lies.  But here goes.

If you are a white, male, upper middle class guy working a good job where you bring home say 85k a year, you have more in common with a poor black woman with two kids desperately trying to feed them by working two full time jobs making just over 20k a year, than you do with the CEO of your company (who probably makes millions every year).  Further still that CEO probably has more in common with that poor black woman than he does with Bill Gates.

If you are said white guy however you might find yourself voting republican, thinking to yourself that they are going to pass tax cuts for you and look out for your money.  You might see yourself as “rich” or “someday will be rich” and the last thing you want to do is pay more property tax, or pay more tax in the future when you get even more wealthy.   You see yourself as the future CEO, the next Bill Gates.  You probably think you have nothing in common with that black woman that cleans your office.

If you are said black lady, you know you are poor, you know you work hard, you know that at the end of the month the money never stretches far enough.  You see the rich white guys leaving for the bar at the end of the day at the office you clean and you think you live in an entirely different world than they do.  You don’t have much time to follow politics, but if you did you would probably vote democratic, as at least they give lip service to supporting people like you.

But here is the real truth, that white guy making 85k a year, and that black woman making 20k a year, are both in the same class.  The class I have started calling the “prey.”  As in there are hunters, and there are prey.  Our current legal system, with its lax banking laws, government bail outs, upside down tax system, and financially corrupted political system has bifurcated the american population into two classes.

There are the super rich predators, and there is their prey.  Sure there is still some stratification in the prey class, that guy making 85k a year is much better off than the lady making 20k, but at the end of the day the predators are hungry and its the prey they will come for.

That guy making 85k a year probably wont move up, social/income mobility in america is measured as being very low.  In fact that guy will probably never be a millionaire, and almost certainly will never be a billionaire. His children will be slightly less well off than he was, and his grandchildren even worse off than his children.  In a couple generations he could easily find his descendants working two jobs and making 20k a year.

He should be voting like he is that black woman making 20k a year, because to the billionaire class, 85k and 20k are just rounding errors.  When they pass tax cuts, they pass them for the super rich, for the billionaires.  Unless you can afford to hire an army of accountants to hide your money in offshore accounts, dodge taxes, and invest in shady lucrative deals, you are the hunted not the hunter.

All that money the rich have came from poor and middle class people, they are sucking it up and holding on to it.  The problem with poor people is not that they are stupid, its that they don’t have any money.  And the reason they don’t have any is because every day they go to work and make 10 bucks for the CEO but take home 1.

The real truth is that the 99% of Americans who are not the super rich should all be working together, its the only way we can financially and politically compete against these people who have become so rich they think they can have it all while we have nothing.

Their greed is endless, first they will take the poor peoples money, then they will hollow out the middle class, and then they will fight each other.  You think you are well off making 85k a year, but they just see you as a juicier target.  How many people making 85k a year lost their house in the last great scam?  How many people making 85k a year can bribe a senator?  It’s an illusion, to the super rich you are no different than the woman making 20k a year.

Don’t think for a second that the super rich don’t know that our power lies in our numbers.  They know that if we all get together we can pass sensible laws, tax them for public services, and redistribute the money they  have back into society.  Sure they would still be fabulously wealthy even if we did tax them heavily, but like I said their greed is endless.  They will do anything in their power to make sure that white guy and that black lady never make common cause with one another.

So when you see a poor person cleaning your office, remember you have more in common with them than you do with the CEO.  When you are asked to vote to raise the minimum wage remember that will help your future as well.  When people talk about universal health care, remember the CEO could cut your benefits at any time.  You could be laid off, your house could get repossessed, and in short order you might be making 20k a year trying to feed two kids.

Unless you are on this list you are in the prey class.  And you should vote like it.  It is not natural or acceptable that some people should have endless riches while others suffer.  Economies are not natural, they exist only as we allow them to.  This distribution of wealth, where a very few have almost all of it, is not natural or moral.  It is an abomination, and causes endless suffering so a very very few may prosper.  It should be and can be stopped by creating a different system with less inequality in it.  This is not like making gravity turn off, its not a law of nature, its simply about the choices we make.  Do we all stand together and make that change, or do we allow ourselves to be divided up and picked off one group at a time.

Once we come to terms with the fact that 99% of us are prey for the super rich, and that we have artificially been divvied up into warring parties so that we wont unite against the people at the top, it gets a lot easier to see how the system is slowly squeezing us to death.

So here is what I propose we do.  First we stop electing people who care more about the super rich than us.  Then we make the next batch pass laws that help the bottom 99%  Including but not limited to the following: 15 dollar minimum wage, pay equity for women, breaking up and regulating of the big banks, strong environmental regulations, move to 100% renewable energy, ending the military industrial complex and its many wars, banning money from politics, paid family leave, free public college, and universal single payer medicare for all healthcare.  Paid for by taking money from the super rich, mega corporations, and reckless financial trades.

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