This Is Not Normal,This Is Not OK! :Day 4

Day 4 and somehow Trump can’t seem to do a single thing without setting some sort of horrible precedent.  It’s almost as if his crony billionaire friends want to carve up and sell this country off so they can make a short term profit, and all the poor people, and all the people of the future can go fuck themselves.  Well I for one wont stand for that!

Here is what you should be talking to your senators and representatives about today.

Donald trump is in violation of the constitution, which is what an upcoming lawsuit will show in great detail.  The guy who made such a big deal about how great America was, doesn’t want to follow our highers rule of law.

A team of prominent constitutional scholars, Supreme Court litigators and former White House ethics lawyers intends to file a lawsuit Monday morning alleging that President Trump is violating the Constitution by allowing his hotels and other business operations to accept payments from foreign governments.

The lawsuit is among a barrage of legal actions against the Trump administration that have been initiated or are being planned by major liberal advocacy organizations. Such suits are among the few outlets they have to challenge the administration now that Republicans are in control of the government.

In the new case, the lawyers argue that a provision in the Constitution known as the Emoluments Clause bans payments from foreign powers like the ones to Mr. Trump’s companies. They cite fears among the framers of the Constitution that United States officials could be corrupted by gifts or payments.

The suit, which will not seek any monetary damages, will ask a federal court in New York to order Mr. Trump to stop taking payments from foreign government entities. Such payments, it says, include those from patrons at Trump hotels and golf courses; loans for his office buildings from certain banks controlled by foreign governments; and leases with tenants like the Abu Dhabi tourism office, a government enterprise.

Get that…they don’t want to make any money they just want to make sure our PRESIDENT the highest elected official in the land, is following our constitution.  When you have to sue someone into following the highest law in the land its not a good sign.  He is clearly guilty, and it will be interesting to see if justice still functions in Trumps America ™.


In other great news, the largest protest in American history, the women’s march, was peaceful, and effective!  Click here for some awesome pictures of MILLIONS of people protesting against Trump.  This IS what Democracy looks like!


Do you live in Senator McCaine’s, or Lindsay Grahm’s District?  Now might be a good time to call them up and tell them that under no uncertain terms should they vote to approve CEO of Exxon Mobil Rex Tillerson as head of the state department.  Why in the world would we appoint the CEO of an evil giant oil company to lead our diplomatic department?  I am sure it has nothing to do with the half a trillion dollar deal that Exxon was about to do with Russia right before we put sanctions on them.  Or the fact that as head of the State Department Rex can get his oil buddies rich by pressuring companies all over the world to drill for more climate destroying oil.  Call your senator on this NOW and make sure they know that you don’t want a cronny capitalist from Exxon being the diplomatic face of the USA.


That executive order Trump singed in his first hours in office is starting to fuck up Obamacare for people already….he is literally already ruining lives, and has been in office 4 days.  Your Representative needs to know you are not ok with this.


Seems that cervical cancer is more serious than we thought, now is no time to defund Planned Parenthood and the ACA, as both are key tools we use to keep women healthy and alive.  Cancer screenings is one of the largest service provided by Planned Parenthood.  Don’t let the Trump Crony’s destroy these tools that keep women alive and healthy.

In case you are not familiar with Planned Parenthood’s history, check this out.



Trump has left literally hundreds of government positions open, mostly so that he can create a sense of urgency so that he can ram through them all without much review.  Create a crisis, then solve the crisis by pushing all through right away.


Oh by the way, if you ever thought he would release his taxes…think again.  He is giving a giant middle finger to the entire american public by keeping these secret.  We need to pass laws making the release of this kind of financial data mandatory, mean while if some brave person in the IRS wants to leak them to the public….

Call your senator DEMANDING the release of this information, how can we possibly know if Trump has conflicts of interest if we don’t see his taxes.


Never too early to get ready for the next protest!  April 15th clear your calendar!  The march is to get him to release his taxes.  So its worth the effort.


Feel like this is all a bunch of bullshit?  Want to do something about it?  Call your Senator, and your House Rep. and tell them in no uncertain terms that you want them to fight to stop Trump from doing these things. Tell them you will be watching them closely on how they vote, and will hold them accountable during the next election if they cave to Trump.