Happy Birthday To The Sietch!

It passed once again without me really noticing, but I realized that this website is now 4 years old! Happy Birthday to us!


I would like to thank everyone who has ever contributed to this website, to the readers, to the people who sent me emails, and anyone else who ever sent me a kind word. This has and always will be a community driven website. I can only hope that over the years we have encouraged people to do right by themselves and by the planet. Lets hope that in the next 4 years I am posting a lot more about solutions and accomplishments, and less about problems, and failures.

To the future!

Thank you everyone

About The Naib

I formed this community in the hopes of promoting positive change. I am committed to educating and enlightening people all over the world to the growing need for change. Help me to make a difference before its too late.