I Made A Bicycle Bell

We all know bicycles are one of the best ways to get around, I for one can’t go a day without getting on one. Today I woke up and thought to myself, self you need a bell. So I got out the sketch pad, and went to town. Then I took a trip to the hardware store when I got home I busted out the jewelers saw and wallah, new bicycle bell.

My mic on my camera sucks pretty bad, it really does have a nice ring to it.






Might sell these if anyone wants one…the top is made of brass, and has a delightful ring to it. Still have to shine up the brass disk, and might also add some texture, or a bell shape to it (hammer it out). Also I realized there is no reason that it has to be round…next one might be a skull, cause that would be cooler.

4 thoughts on “I Made A Bicycle Bell”

  1. I’ll buy one! But only if you change the spelling above to “voila.” :) Oh, and it can’t be shaped like a skull. But I will totally buy one.

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