Packing Peanuts to Shelter Homeless

Home Dome Challenged to design a product using recycled/reclaimed materials, kids across the nation competed in the Trash to Treasure contest sponsored by the PBS show Design Squad and the Intel Foundation. The winning design also had a community focus for its intended use: temporary shelter for homeless residents or disaster victims. What do you think of Max’s winning design, The Home Dome?

Design Squad is a PBS-Boston production that pits young engineering minds in clever challenges for the grand prize of an engineering scholarship. You can watch episode footage and find out more about the show from its website.

2 thoughts on “Packing Peanuts to Shelter Homeless”

  1. In our lives, we suffer a lot.. We walk through on several trials, that causes us to give up. Sometimes we think life is so unfair because of the hindrance we’ve been through. We struggle a lot to survive, but when things went wrong and everything is gone, we find someone to blame on and ask “why me?”..But things are just not constant, things may come and go, if not today, tommorrow, or never. But we need to value things that comes along our way, looking back the past may serve as our guidance to a new and better path forward..

    “Every problem has a gift inside. We seek problems because we want their gifts.”

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