The Commercial Pollution Of Schools: An Unsuitablog Special

Over the past week, The Unsuitablog has been publishing a series of articles detailing the way that supermarkets in the UK (and elsewhere) are infiltrating the education system for commercial gain. Some of the findings are truly shocking, but not entirely unexpected — perhaps the most shocking thing of all is that virtually no one is doing anything to stop this happening: parents, teachers and children welcome Supermarket Voucher Schemes with open arms, eyes and minds, completely unaware of the damage that is being caused.

There are three articles in the series, which can be read by following the links below: they are too long to publish here, but this issue is serious enough to alert The Sietch readers to, as they are some of the people who may be able to stop these schemes:

Part 1: How They Work

Part 2: Greenwashing Children

Part 3: Winners, Losers and Fighting Back

For every “reward” given to schools, the supermarkets gain between 100 and 500 times the value of that item in sales. In addition, they get free advertising inside schools; the ability to influence the curriculum and, potentially, a new generation of loyal children who will grow up to become loyal customers. Pass on the links if you can.

Wherever you are in the world, this is likely to be happening to your children: it needs to be stopped.