Richard Dreyfuss: What Americans Didn’t Hear Last Night

For the last week I have been going to bed really late, partly because I have been rewriting bits of my book, but mainly because the rest of my family have gone on holiday with my mother-in-law and I’ve just forgotten to go to bed. Conveniently, it’s given me a chance to listen to selected Democratic Convention speeches on the radio – being about 8 hours ahead, interesting things don’t start happening in the UK until about 2am.

Following a fairly predictable, rabble-rousing speech by Al Gore — nothing wrong with it, just that not being partisan in any way I find it difficult to get excited about anything in politics except, perhaps, when a politician makes a complete ass of themselves — the commentator on BBC Five Live continued his conversation with Richard Dreyfuss. What transpired may have been heard before by American listeners — maybe not — but to hear it coming in the context of a slick, well-managed political rally was a joy to hear!

See what you think…

richard Dreyfuss Talks About The Last 8 Years

Now that’s more like it.

2 thoughts on “Richard Dreyfuss: What Americans Didn’t Hear Last Night”

  1. uh yeah good idea, bring them home NOW just before things start getting better….Idiot

    I think you guys missed the boat, now I think the finish what we started, and then bring our guys home is the right thing to do dont ya think?

    IF we were to have left last year, before the successes and before the “surge” ok fine, but we didnt so now we have a chance to see it through and help Iraq be IRAQ… let it go.

    Obama will not bring them home, McCain will not bring them home, Iraq will bring them home by becoming self able. STFU and let them do it. all you are doing is giving the enemy’s of Iraq ammunition…

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