Gustav Could Hit New Orleans

There has been a lot of talk lately about Gustav. Right now Gustav is a tropical storm. But with the amazingly high temperature of the gulf waters right now it could drink deep of that buffet and grow rapidly to a category 3 hurricane, or worse.

Gustav and its potential path
Gustav and its potential path

Right now the national hurricane center has the storm smacking right into Louisiana.

The levies have been “rebuilt” in many places, but if this storm comes in as strong as it is predicted, the levies will not be enough, just like there were not enough last time.

Lets hope that the predictors are wrong. Can America really put up with the destruction of the same major city twice? Perhaps the Bush administration will have a second chance to open it’s eyes to the danger of climate change (may make hurricanes more severe), environmental degradation (lack of marsh land makes storm surge worse), and economic racism. But probably not.