You Still Use Your Car…How Quaint

Seriously people, the age of the car is nearly over. Get with the cool kids, then you can tell everyone “ohh cargo bikes, I have been using of of those for years.” I am just trying to keep you all rolling with the cool kids. You will thank me later, for this information.

The apocalypse seems inevitable when you’re stuck in summer traffic. Sitting in a long line of idling cars, shimmering in waves of heat rising off the pavement, you think about how every year it gets hotter, and the traffic gets worse and pumps tons more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. You pull yourself up by the steering wheel to see ahead. Your thighs stick with sweat to the driver’s seat. You are beyond frustration and feel an existential loathing closer to panic. You are part of the global warming problem. And now you’re going to be late for work.

Three years ago, I opted out. Since then I’ve been commuting four miles to my Washington, D.C., office by bicycle just about every day, rain or shine, in an effort to help save the environment and myself along with it. Of course, there are obvious limitations to a bicycle. What about when you need to pick up groceries for a family of four? And unless your kid is Peter Pan, he can’t just fly over traffic to get to school. Wouldn’t it be great to commute and run those entire errands by bike?

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These bikes (and a whole host of others in a similar vein) have been around for a long time. People in Europe have been using them for years. I don’t even have a special bike and have been grocery shopping on bicycle for years now. The secret is to have a good backpack, and buy a little bit each day (then you don’t end up taking home 200 pounds of stuff at once). Of course if you have one of these awesome cargo bikes, you can load as much as you can pedal into the back.

I find that using my bicycle as my main form of transport leads has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and not to brag but my calves have never looked better. If you are interested in getting started using a bicycle as your main mode of motion now is a great time. See here for some tips. Good luck, and happy cycling!