Cape Wind Passes Yet Another Hurdle

Brining us just that much closer to clean renewable energy from wind power, Cape Wind has passed yet another legal hurdle on it’s way towards approval.

Cape Wind

A Final Decision issued by the Director of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MDFW) upheld an earlier decision that Cape Wind does not constitute a “taking” under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act and that wildlife issues will be managed by the appropriate Federal Agencies.

“At a time of record high oil prices, this Final Decision brings us closer to delivering stable electricity prices, greater energy independence, good jobs in the clean energy sector and cleaner air from America’s first offshore wind farm on Horseshoe Shoal,” said Jim Gordon, president of Cape Wind.(via)

With big coal/oil/gas companies and rich NIMBY landowners now having spent more than 20 million dollars (money that could have been spent in much better ways) trying to hold back the future, it’s good to see YET ANOTHER victory in court for Cape Wind. Frankly the judicial system must be getting tired of these endless, frivolous lawsuits.

2 thoughts on “Cape Wind Passes Yet Another Hurdle”

  1. Having spent the last few days on the Cape gathering signatures relating to a fall 08 ballot question – which would compel district legislators to vote in the affirmative for Cape Wind (and other responsible on and offshore projects) marine / fishery concerns out weighed any other.

    Hopefully this “final decision” will help ease the minds of those with such concerns.

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