Why Modular Homes Are Green

Modular homes haven’t quite caught on, but most likely, this will soon change. With the rise in green building and buying going up significantly and showing no signs of going away, modular homes may become more visible for their green living potential.

Modular homes aren’t mobile homes, but this misunderstanding prevents many homeowners from looking into them further. Modular homes begin at a factory and get finished up onsite. They require all the same building requirements and inspections as site-built homes. In terms of looks, they can vary tremendously, with any range of custom features and materials. Not your average mobile home by a mile. In addition, modular homes are more affordable and energy efficient than typical, site-built living quarters. Here are some reasons why:

Less Wasteful to Build

  • Building modular homes cuts on waste – about 50 to 75% less than standard homebuilding.
  • They require less time and labor to complete, from as little as 3 weeks to 3 months. Compare this to the 6-month average of a site-built home.

Cost Friendly

  • Modular homes are $10 per square foot cheaper to purchase than a traditional home.
  • They cost 5 to 25% less to build than a traditional home.

Incorporating Green

  • Since they’re built 85% in a factory, then transferred on-site for completion by a contractor, the potential for upgrades is vast. It is all-too easy to incorporate an eco-friendly vision into this home type. For instance, homeowners can request green building elements, such as bamboo flooring, recycled countertops, energy efficient windows, and other custom features during the building stage.
  • In terms of size, modular homes consist of small, comfortable sizes for low-impact living. Ideal for reducing carbon footprints!

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  2. Some modular hones are extraordinarily green; take a look at the house kits manufactured by Bamboo Technologies at

    These house kits are prefabricated in Viet Nam and are built primarily from insect-proofed structural bamboo. The bamboo poles they use received international certification as structural building material in 2004 and the house designs have been approved by building departments all over. Over 100 houses have been built so far and several have already withstood 3 hurricanes!

    Their pre-engineered houses range from a 120 sq ft tropical cottage to a 3000 sq ft two story fully insulated bamboo mansion. All out of sustainable bamboo!

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