Walezilla Gently Urges Japan To Stop Whaling: Or He Will Destroy Your Town

There is a language that they speak in Japan. That language is the language of giant monsters, when they speak, Japan listens. Lets hope whalezilla can get through to them.

The 30 second video, created for WDCS by Plaza, shows a whale as he walks through a darkened Tokyo district late at night, on his way to the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR), which conducts Japan’s so-called ‘scientific research’ whaling. He tips the ICR building to look inside, asking a researcher he sees to stop whaling. When the researcher agrees, the peaceful whale gently rights the tilting building and the agency becomes one of whale conservation instead of lethal research.

The film’s director, Allan Moore said “I wanted to create something that, instead of attacking the culture of whaling, asks Japanese people and other whaling countries to look within and question why they still need to whale. The decision to continue killing whales is made by such a small group of people, but the controversy surrounding the hunts has impacts across the whole of Japan.”

WDCS’s Whaling Programme Manager, Sue Fisher said, “It is people in Japan who can really help to make this change happen, and this wonderfully animated video gives a fun and unique message, letting the whales have their own voice. We hope that through watching this and telling their friends about it, people will help us to raise awareness of how unnecessary whaling is today.”

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