Some Of The Many Reasons I Support Dennis Kucinich

I really like Dennis Kucinich, I voted for him last time, I will vote for him again this time. He is the only candidate that really lines up with me on almost every issue. Given my world view I would be foolish to vote for anyone else. I could go on and on about how great this strange little man is, but I figure I would let him speak for himself.

On Health Care

On Immigration

On Peace

much more after the jump

On Gay Rights

On Fair Trade

On Dick Cheney (skip right to the ninth minute for some of the best oratory you will ever hear, serious)

On The Environment/Renewable Energy (the issue I follow the most hence the most clips, the last one is particularly good)

9 thoughts on “Some Of The Many Reasons I Support Dennis Kucinich”

  1. I too have supported him in the past and continue to do so.

    He is getting slammed on the UFO thing. He also is dismissed because he doesn’t “look presidential”. Also his wife is being branded as a “trophy wife”.

    Too bad the majority of voters are informed by sound bytes. Too bad that American Idol is “American” and Frontline is “Pinko”. Too bad our educational system turns out consumers and workers rather than thinkers and changers.

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