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Most people would say that they are early morning coffee gadgets, that first cup gets them going and keeps them going all day. Really eco-conscious people order that organic, shade grown, fair trade, cup when they roll up to starbucks. Well now they can get even greener with the advent of the solar roaster. Why burn fossil fuels when you are roasting the beans when you can use the power of the sun?

solar coffee roaster

That is just what solar roast has done. Using a giant mirror setup they are able to roast batches of coffee without emitting a single pound of co2. It looks pretty sweet too. If you like coffee and live in the pueblo area stop by and give it a try.

From the site:

What is Solar Roast?
Solar Roast is a coffee roaster. However, unlike the ‘traditional’ coffee roasters, Solar Roast does not burn any fossil fuels to create the heat needed for roasting. Using the suns rays, and our solar collector, Solar Roast is able to focus the suns rays onto a drum roaster; reaching temperatures of 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
Solar Roast is 100% Organic or Free Trade Coffee. This means livable wages for the coffee growers, and a sustainable future for the land on which coffee is grown. No chemicals/pesticides are used to grow the coffee, and as such, Solar Roast provides the cleanest, and purest coffee available on the market. No fossil fuels were burned in the creation of the coffee.

How does Solar Roast work?
Solar Roast uses a 10 foot solar collector to collect and focus the sun’s ray onto a traditional-style drum roaster. Seventy square feet of focused solar energy warms the roaster to such a degree that coffee roasting is possible! The dish is built to track the sun, enabling all day roasting, without losing power as the sun makes its daily voyage across the sky.

What Are the Environmental Benefits?
No green house gases are created from burning fossil fuels whilst roasting with Solar Roast. The machine is environmental friendly, and creates the cleanest and purest coffee!

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