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Got this from a comment yesterday.

My Name Is George and I think that wind power is the answer…
I would love to learn how too get a good paying job in this industry. The future is open too this tech… and we as people of the earth need to see that it happen’s so our kids and they’er kids have a world that is clean and the power they need to live.

Well George now is a good time to get a job in the renewable energy industry. Wind, solar, and other renewable companies are growing like crazy. Getting a job with the renewable energy industry is pretty much the same as getting a job with any industry. They are looking for passionate people who have the skills. If you don’t know the inner working of a wind turbine or the physics of solar cells don’t give up. The renewable industry needs people from every skill set in every education level. There is a lot of opportunity for people who are committed and driven to move up and learn as you go.

Jobs in RE can range from entry level internships to high paid engineers. Depending on your level of skill you can enter at any point. The hardest part (in my opinion) is finding the job listings with that in mind I will be collecting this uber list of renewable energy job posting locations. Good luck.

Below you will find an ever growing list of job sites in the renewable energy field, I have also taken the time to create a custom search engine for renewable energy job sites.

If you know of any other good renewable energy job listings boards be sure to leave a reply. The more we find the better this resource will be.


General Information about renewable energy jobs

Department Of Energy resources

Finding your dream job in solar.

Energy job career guide


Renewable Energy Jobs at Renewable Energy Access.
This is a great place to start, they always have good updated job postings.

Green Jobs
Listing of jobs across America, as well as overseas.

Green Energy Jobs
Not that many listings but always has a couple.

Sustainable Business Jobs
A nice site with many listings all over America, I like that you can search by entry level, mid level, senior level etc.

Monster Job Search
You might not have that much luck, but they do have renewable energy jobs listed if you look hard enough.

Energy Central
Jobs in the energy industry, includes non-renewable jobs.

Renewable energy jobs in the North East
A listing of all the renewable energy companies in the north east of the United States with links to their job boards.

Jobs with the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Environmental Career
A general eco-job listing service, some renewable jobs.

CAT Job Listings
The Center For Alternative Technologies, European job listings.

Environmental Careers Organization
Like above, general eco-job listings.

DOE job listings
Want a job with the department of energy?

Energy Ideas
Massive list of links to other job listing service, including many in the western states.

Environment Jobs
Job Listings in the UK.

More renewable energy jobs listings.

Renewable energy job listings
General job listings including biomass, solar, wind, etc.

Energy jobs in Canada.


AWEA Career Center
The American Wind Energy Association Job center.

Australian and New Zealand Wind Jobs

A couple wind jobs down under.

Wind job listings
More wind job listings.

Hydrogen/Fuel Cell

National Hydrogen Association Jobs
Want a job in the future hydrogen economy? Look here.

Fuel Cell Jobs
Listing of jobs in the fuel cell industry.


American Solar Energy Association job listings.

Evergreen Solar
Jobs with Evergreen Solar.

Solar jobs
More listings for solar jobs.


Hydro Research Foundation
Jobs in the hydro industry.

Tennesi Valley Authority
Jobs in the TVA.

Southern Company
Huge energy company, they have some renewable facilities including hydro.

Grant County Public Utilities
Also has some hydro job listings.

Bio Fuels

Ethanol Jobs
Jobs in the ethanol and renewable fuel industry.

Biodisel jobs
Jobs in the biodiesel and renewable fuel industry.

Pacific Biodiesel
Jobs with pacific biodiesel.

Biodisel job listings
Various biodiesel jobs.

6 thoughts on “Ask The Sietch – Jobs In Renewable Energy”

  1. I have a history in the transportation field, I am looking to direct my carreer towards the delivery of extra legal loads in the wind generation field. I would appreciate it if you could direct me to some contacts in this field.

  2. Hi Keith: Other than the links above, and the search bar I am not sure there is much I could help you with. Try contacting some of the larger wind manufacturers (list here) and inquiring about their legal department.

    There are a lot of areas you could go into from land use law, the zoning, to patent law, to a million others I haven’t thought of. The field is going to need some green lawyers, good luck.

  3. My company has several positions open in the area of polymers in renewable energies located in Canada and US with apprpriate experience. Send resume to e-mail below.

  4. I’m Al and I have a strong technical background and know electronics. I am 54 without a college degree. I have over 20 years engineering and IT experience. I live in Salem NH. I want my next career to be in renewable energy. I want to work in something I think has real benefit, especially since I’m older. I would like to know several things:

    1) What is the simplest and quickest way for me to break into the field? I am flexible as to where I would start.
    2) Is any additional training or other courses required?
    3) Would relocating help? Are there better opportunities in another state or region?
    4) Is an intern position a possibility? Someone else this mentioned this to gain some experience. I thought these were for younger people with little work experience. Please tell me if I’m mistaken.

  5. Yes I agree that this is the a very good time to get a job in the renewable energy industry, the industry is growing at a very fast pace and governments are investing always more in this sector.
    As you say getting a job in this industry is just like getting a job in any other industry, and there are positions available at all levels, so even without a speciific qualification is possible to get a good job.

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