Early Morning Solar Gadget – USB Enabled Solar Charging Devices

The nice thing about solar panels is that they team up well with rechargeable batteries. Allowing for the storage of that good sunshine for later. In this age of rampant crap production, where most of that crap needs batteries, and those batteries need energy, having a bit of sunshine in your pocket for a quick recharge might come in handy. For anything that can be charged via USB (the Ipod to name a few) here is a handy little device.

usb solar charger

usb solar charger


If that isn’t your thing here is a very similar device. (page in japanese)

Sanyo solar USB charger

In essence these are just battery chargers, but the ability to power a USB charger lets them tap into the lucrative Ipod market (and the ever increasing Ipod copy cats that also use the USB charging feature). Lets hope they are built to last as a solar cell can work for 25+ years.

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