Beautiful Art Made From Recycled Bottles

Every year millions of plastic bottles are thrown away. These bottles made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), have been transformed by Miwa Koizumi into “PETs.”

plastic bottle art

I love the idea of using liquid containers to make water animals. Contained/containing, trash/not-trash, like the jelly-fish or anemone: Living/non-living

And I wanted some pets…

I use a combination of heat guns, soldering irons and different cutting utensils to make these PETs. I wanted to work with glass but this is more fun. I have as much material as I want just by fishing in the garbage.

more very cool pictures after the fold.

plastic bottle art

plastic bottle art

plastic bottle art

plastic bottle art

see more of her lovely art here.

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Art Made From Recycled Bottles”

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  2. Louise: Do you mean crafts involving old bottles? Well they could make bird feeders from old 2-liters, or they could make mobiles, or they could decorate them and make their own reusable water bottles. I am sure a bit of googling would find you plenty of other suggestions.

    Hope that helps

  3. these are wonderful…love how anything can be turned into beauty…look forward to seeing more of your work!!

  4. hi, i’m doing an art project at college at the moment and i’m trying to convey something trapped in bottles in an artistic way. I was wondering how i would make a garlic shape out of bottles? any ideas?

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