Early Morning Solar Gadget – Solar Grill

This not a new idea, solar ovens have been around for a long time, but this one is optimised to be used as a grill, pretty interesting.

solar grill

From the manufactures website. (its a Swiss website)

With the new Solar-Grill you can barbecue fish, chicken, vegetables, juicy steaks or other tasteful meals. An all this can be achieved without:

* electricity
* gas
* coals
* connecting or fire lighting

* just unfold
* aim at the sun
* put the meal into the barbecue cup
* … and grilling starts immediately

The Solar-Grill has a flexible mirror, which focuses the sun beams on the barbecue cup allowing it to heat up.

Your meal is cooked in the self contained barbecue cup an heated evenly from all sides, without direct irradiation by sunlight.

Because of the intelligent construction of the Solar-Grill your favorite dishes are cooked thoroughly by it self well-done, without burning. Everything keeps icy and you can enjoy other activities.

Solar-Grill is ideal for camping and spare time, in the garden, on the balcony, at the swimming pool, beach or lakeside resort. Anyplace where open fire is forbidden or clouds of smoke are not welcome.

* no smoke
* no open fire
* no turn of meals
* no burn
* just pleasant smell of fresh barbecued dishes …

Telescope features and a foldable mirror enables easy handling and space-saving storage. Because of it’s extreme lightness you can easily take the Solar-Grill to your favorite place.

solar grill

solar grill


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